Wolfenstein: Youngblood Story Trailer Is About Diverse Butch Girls Fighting Against Nazis
Wolfenstein Youngblood

Ho-lee-mo-lee, MachineGames and Arkane Studios went there. The upcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood, due out on July 26th, 2019 for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, is a feminazi’s dream game. It features three lesbian-baiting, butch teenagers teaming up together to find their dude-in-distress father and resistance fighter, BJ Blazkowicz, while dropping F-bombs all over the place and looking more androgynous than a J-Pop boy band after taking a milk bath.

Bethesda rolled out the official story trailer for Wolfenstein: Youngblood and it’s bad… really bad. Not bad in the sense that it’s composed bad, or that the visuals are bad, or that the gunplay is bad. It’s bad in the sense that it’s like all of the ridiculous Liberal SJW talking points taken from a mentally-retarded Twitter user who suffers from TDS and rails on Nazis all day long, while combining it with everything that makes normal people cringe whenever they see SJW heroes pop up on screen.

You can check out the trailer below to see what I’m talking about.

So, the sweet part about the trailer is the fact that Carpenter Brut’s “Turbo Killer” was featured in the trailer. The bad part is that it completely undermined the thematics of what “Turbo Killer” represents (which is 100% anti-SJW, and the movie poster alone would leave people on ResetEra “rheeing” all day long). I’m not going to go off on a tangent trying to explain it, but it’s part of the Blood Machines techno-horror franchise, which you can read about here.

As for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the game stars Jessica and Sophia Blazkowicz, two butch teen girls in search of their missing father, BJ.

The duo teems up with a black engineer girl, obviously adhering to the typical SJW subliminal messaging to push minority females into STEM fields, even if they don’t have any interest in it.

Now back in 2018 when I wrote about this game I figured it was going to be laced with SJWism, but boy oh boy I had no idea they were going to dive in as hard as they did.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Masculine Twins

So this diverse trio of young teenage girls replace BJ as the main character, as they take the fight to the Nazis in occupied Paris, France in the 1980s, hence the use of Carpenter Brut’s “Turbo Killer”.

As you can see from the designs alone, these girls look and act like boys, especially the one with the short blonde hair, who could easily be mistaken for a testosterone-deficient jock with anger issues for being too small to make it onto the high school football team as a wide receiver, so he got into Swedish death metal and took up a fascination with Katsuhiro Otomo mangas.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Butch it Up

Now typically there are going to be a bunch of Centrists™ roaming about, claiming that anyone who doesn’t like the game is “acting like SJWs” and saying that “there’s no agenda!” all in an attempt to make themselves feel better about having tossed their lot in with the mentally ill bête noire of the Liberal hegemony.

But don’t worry, folks, just ignore the people trying to persuade you to guzzle down the sociopolitical soy being subliminally pushed through our entertainment media. The reality is that had this game been made 15 years ago BJ Blazcowicz would have had a badass, muscle-bound son that every red-blooded American male would be proud to play as a patriotic embodiment of the masculine values that represent Western culture.

As some of you may have noticed in today’s environment men are socially penalized by degenerate bloggers and demonized across social media for enjoying sexy women, violent media, and Western values.

Meanwhile games, movies, and comics that promote women as butch, masculine, androgynous, cheap imitations of men are pushed to the forefront of the media sphere,  completely stripping them of any feminine qualities or personal traits that isn’t just being foul-mouthed, angry, men-hating killers. It’s not even just that, you’ll also notice that these mini-men imitators are oftentimes used to replace traditionally masculine roles, like what we’re seeing with DOOM: Annihilation, like what we’re seeing with the upcoming Gears 5 (which is also part of the Facebook-funded social engineering program known as Women in Gaming), and even now with Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - BJ Gone Missing

Nevertheless, all of you who still know what real masculinity is about, and those of you who still value the true traits of testosterone fueled entertainment need to hold steadfast. Stay your hand, and relent the urge to whip out the wallet to support Leftist media if you don’t feel it represents the kind of values and entertainment qualities that the industry used to provide red-blooded men in spades.

Just remember that come July 26th, 2019 when Wolfenstein: Youngblood releases, this is YOUR industry and YOUR entertainment culture and you don’t owe any cultural grifters anything that you don’t feel benefits YOUR values.

Taking back the gaming industry starts with taking a stand.

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