Xbox’s “Our Blacks” Tweet Gets Mocked By Anti-SJWs And Ridiculed By SJWs

Blacks At Xbox

Whenever you try to play the game of identitarianism the only winners are the memers. In this case, Microsoft thought it would be hip, cool, trendy, and in to highlight “their blacks”. So they unwittingly tweeted out a celebration of “their blacks” with the exact kind of results one would expect from people who aren’t punch-drunk on the Kool-Aid of identity politics.

The tweet went live on March 22nd, 2019 as part of the Xbox presence at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.

The tweets feature a link that takes you to a condescending page on the Xbox website that basically makes blacks out to be some sort of alien species that’s separate from the rest of the gaming community, for which Microsoft has some sort of ownership over.

Funnily enough, SJWs thought the tweet was racist, Centrists™ thought the tweet was tone deaf, and anti-SJWs meme’d the heck out of Microsoft and the Xbox community.

Even Boogie2988 took digs at Microsoft.

Black gamers got in on the action, too.

Justin Whang had a response he felt appropriate to share for the occasion.

And even the guys at Player Essence took shots at Microsoft over the tweet.

Gamertag Radio also didn’t find the tweet all that endearing, either.

Even Some Black Guy, typically an anti-SJW, threw some coal on the fire nestled under the burning bottom of Microsoft’s behind.

Worse yet is that other blacks within the development community even mocked Microsoft for the tweet, with research analyst and development support staff at Respawn Entertainment highlighting their discomfort with Microsoft’s tweet.

Even whites weren’t too keen on the tweet.

And of course, a few pepe memes popped out.

Of course, there were white Liberals jumping in to defend the tweet on behalf of black people, which is a typical trait for Social Justice Warriors.

Mallagan attempted to explain to other blacks on Twitter how the tweet was aimed at celebrating them.

The thread goes on for a while with Mallagan attempting to defend Microsoft’s use of blacks as some kind of Social Justice shield to display how “woke” they are.

Any normal person sees it for what it is: minority exploitation for virtue signaling.

Social Justice Warriors are dense, though. They don’t function like normal human beings, and this is all part of the Liberal indoctrination tactic to keep people from being able to think individually. The idea is to compartmentalize and categorize people based on superficial traits for the purpose of further disseminating the concept of the “Progressive Stack” and the Oppression Olympics for which it’s predicated.

By signaling out and then claiming ownership over a race most people see it for what it is: ideological slavery.

It’s been established time and time over again that Democrats keep minorities on the plantation… the political plantation.

The Liberal hegemony that dominates today’s media operates on the idea that people aren’t individuals but are classified by the groups or traits that signify their identity. Through deliberate activism of categorical demarcation people are split into groups based on said traits and treated differently according to the rules of the “Progressive Stack”. If you’re unfamiliar with this term coined by the Regressive Left, YouTuber Sargon of Akkad succinctly sums it up in a video.

In this case, we can clearly see that Microsoft and the Xbox division don’t consider blacks equal to the other members on the team, and must demarcate and separate them according to those traits, regardless of what they contribute (or don’t contribute) to the team.

Instead of rewarding or elevating people based on their individual achievements and accomplishments within the industry, Microsoft is broadcasting their identitarian fetishism by lumping all of “their blacks” into a singular category, stripping away their individuality and personal proficiency in place of proselytizing the Liberal obsession with marketing ethnic separation.

This kind of divisional grouping of people into pointless categories and factions does nothing but raise tensions within every group. But it’s all part of the SJW agenda to create divides and apparently push people toward what the New Zealand shooter wanted: a race war.

Nevertheless, the gay, black, YouTube content creator, Sky Williams, basically summed up how most people felt about the tweet.

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