YouTube Allegedly Removed Jesse Cox Video Of A Dating Sim Featuring Lewd Dialogue
Jesse Cox

YouTuber Jesse Cox has stated that One of his older Let’s Play videos of a dating sim has been removed due to the dialogue present in the game. The sequence that triggered YouTube’s censorship flag contained no visual nudity, but the character was apparently thinking about sex via the dialogue, and the video was removed.

The tweet was posted up on March 11th, 2019 with Cox explaining why the video was removed but not naming the game.

Despite the bizarre censorship of his content based on in-game dialogue, Cox refused to blame YouTube for the issue, expressing his frustrations at the overt violence allowed in American media (i.e., such as Mortal Kombat 11) but showing any kind of skin or dabbling in feminine sexuality is considered a no no (i.e., such as Mortal Kombat 11).

A few people pointed out that the double-standards are definitely real, but also inconsistent. For instance, there are still plenty of videos of various games on YouTube featuring sexual content and imagery that have not been taken down, such as HuniePop, even though one of Jesse Cox videos got hit simply for containing lewd dialogue.

The double standard is presumably in play as part of Google’s crackdown on content that they think kids might see and become affected by. So channels hosting content catering to a young audience are being surveyed and scrutinized far more than channels that don’t. This has resulted in channels like Chadtronic or Laowhy86 having their entire comment sections being completely disabled on every video, or preventing people from sharing video links in the comment sections, or being unable to share time-stamps. This came after another adpocalypse ravaged YouTube when a den of pedophiles were discovered looming around kids videos on YouTube.

The fix for the situation has been wide-sweeping and blunt, resulting in a lot of people having their comment sections shut down, or their entire channels shut down, which is what happened to a number of Club Penguin and Pokemon channels because they had “CP” in their video titles.

I did reach out to Jesse Cox to ask what game the video belonged to that YouTube deleted, considering that Cox has a number of dating simulators on his channel, including Monster Prom, which is one of the latest he’s covered, Panzermadels, and Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. If he responds the article will be updated with his response.

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