200 Classic Books Banned From Catalonia School In Spain For Reinforcing “Toxic” Stereotypes
Little Red Riding Hood (c) Zenoscope

200 classic books were banned from Barcelona’s Taber School located in Catalonia, Spain for containing gender stereotypes that the state commission considered “toxic”. This included classic children books such as Little Red Riding Hood.

According to Newsweek, Anna Tutzó, from the commission that conveyed to ban the books from the school, explained why they banned the books, stating…

“[..] [Change of gender roles in society] “is not being reflected in stories.”


“Also in violent situations, even though they are just small pranks, it is the boy who acts against the girl. This sends a message about who can be violent and against whom. At the age of five, children have already established gender roles, they know what it is to be a boy or a girl and what that means. So it’s key to work with a gender perspective from the infancy stage,”

According to The Local, 60% of the books were identified as having “macho characters” that Tutzó and the other commission members apparently found problematic, but they decided that only 30% of the books would be removed from the library, which came up to around 200 books in total.

Anna Lladó, another member of the commission, explained that part of the goal was to remove influential literature where women aren’t treated equal to men or egalitarianism isn’t being conveyed in the work, saying…

“We are far from an egalitarian library in which the characters are men and women alike and in which the women are not stereotyped,”

This obviously did not go down well with a lot of people.

According to La Vanguardia, Montse Vila, a curator for a book fair of prohibited works, bluntly stated that this was censorship, saying…

“Removing books from the library by stigmatizing them is censorship. […]


“I refuse to have someone tell me what I have to think after reading a book, and what I think may not be correct. We have to stop guiding the children because they might want to live in a cabin, have a horse and a monkey or kill their sister. And that does not mean that they are going to do it,”

Vila argues that no book should be censored, and that people should be able to explore classic literature and history, even books like Mein Kampf. He felt that reading shouldn’t be exploited for the purpose of pushing a specific agenda, but people should be allowed to explore their own whims and imagination to grasp an understanding of the world around them through historical and present day literature.

Nevertheless, the commission feels differently, hence the bans.

Similar things have been happening all over the world, even in America. For instance Florida State Representative Mike Hill filed a bill back in February, HB 855, looking to ban books that contain material of a sexual nature in order to protect the kids, as reported by Book Riot.

Amazon has also been banning certain books dealing with sociopolitical topicsafter they’ve received pressure from Left-wing bloggers that didn’t like certain books containing Right-wing identitarianism. This measure has colloquially been called “digital book burning”.

It looks like censorship of entertainment media, and now historical literal, won’t be ending anytime soon.

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