Battlefield V London Servers Were Disabled To Decrease Matchmaking Times But It Caused Major Problems For Users

Battlefield V

Some gamers have been having connection troubles with Battlefield V’s online multiplayer component. Specifically, gamers who have been playing on the U.K., servers have noticed an increase in ping and a difficulty in connecting to games. This has created a rather unpleasant playing experience for gamers in the U.K., and the reason for that is because the servers in London, England, and in Ohio in the U.S., were disabled.

A reader reached out to us to inform us that U.K., gamers have been complaining about the server migration they’ve had to endure from the matchmaking. They made a thread about it over on the Battlefield forums on April 17th, 2019.

Two days later on the evening of April 19th, 2019, after racking up enough complaints from U.K., gamers, North American community manager Jeff Braddock hopped into the thread to state…

“I looked into this.


“From our Dev team, it appears that the Data Center for both London and Ohio (Central US) were disabled to reduce matchmaking time.


“I’m following up on Monday to see the next steps and status and will share any info I get with you.”

Monday arrived and there was still no word on any kind of improvements to the server propagation for U.K., gamers.

Users began to ping Braddock for information on what was going on with the servers. A few people wondered about community managers posting on the weekends, and on April 22nd, 2019 Braddock reproached them and then proceeded to state that the team would investigate the matter on Tuesday…

“I’m pretty active well beyond the regular 9-5 of most “normal” jobs. In fact, you’ll find me posting, replying to tweets/threads far into my night and sometimes on the weekend – when I could be spending time playing games, spending time with my wife, etc. But that is my choice, and should never be your expectation.


“Now, as to the matter at hand – I’m the North American Community manager. That means I’m on NA time. The Global CM is in Sweden (and yes, they’re still on holiday for Easter until tomorrow), and the UK CM is also on holiday until tomorrow. Most of the studio is on holiday, but I did escalate this Friday night (when I wrote my reply to the post) and I pinged the Slack channel again today. The latest update I received – on Saturday afternoon – was that when the team returned (on Tuesday), they’d analyze the data from the weekend, share their feedback, and then move forward from there.“


“[…] I’m not waiting on a director to approve any message. I’m literally waiting on the Devs to give me feedback on the change so I can share it with you.


As I stated in my original reply, when I have more info Monday/Tuesday, I’ll make sure to post it here.”

So Monday came and went and there was nothing from DICE. And then Tuesday came and went and there was still nothing from DICE.

It’s now Wednesday and U.K., gamers are disgruntled that they’ve had to wait a whole week after having the London server brought down and the ping increase substantially in multiplayer games.

Braddock has been actively posting on Twitter, even at the moment while this article is being written, so it isn’t a matter of Braddock not being available for communication. It’s just a matter of DICE not communicating to users if there will be any kind of fix for the high ping.

For now U.K., gamers simply have to deal with the high ping while they wait for DICE to finally address the removal of the London server and hope that there’s some kind of reasonable replacement.

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