Breeding Village R18+ Version Arrives On Steam With Mosaics

Breeding Village

Cherry Kiss Games and Norn/Miel’s Breeding Village recently made its way onto Steam. Surprisingly, Cherry Kiss and Norn/Miel were given the green light to launch the R18+ version of the raunchy visual novel on Steam. However, all of the scandalous trysts and licentious encounters that the game has to offer are partially hidden away by some rather obtrusive mosaics.

The game is currently available over on the Steam store for just $9.99.

The visual novel follows a young man who decides to leave the bustling paces of city life behind in order to reconnect with his roots in the country. After leaving his unfulfilled job, he decides to pursue softer pursuits in the Breeding Village on the outskirts of town located in the mountains.

You’ll need to tend to fertile lands, pick peaches, and milk the cows.

Oh and there’s also plenty of farm work to get done, too.

The game centers around the MILF-tastic cast of characters who is headed up by the keeper of the house, Megumi.

You’ll need to take on the very surmountable task of meeting and pleasing the very bombastic residents of the village who have a very incarnadine assets that will need tending to as you relieve your stress and pump your pent up enthusiasm into the lives of the locals.

The game includes 15 different intimate hardcore scenes, along with the original Japanese voice-overs, and support for both 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios, along with a gallery and scene selection. You can also customize the name of the protagonist.

I guess Breeding Village was one of those games that managed to escape from Valve’s cold hard curation grip and make it onto Steam. It might be because there are no lolis, school settings, and the characters have chests the size of melons, but then again Valve still banned My Bullied Bride and there were no lolis anywhere in sight for that game.

It would probably require some quantum level equations to figure out the logic of why some games make it onto Steam but others don’t, but if you were looking for a lewd time with some hefty-chests madams you can pick up a digital copy of Breeding Village right now from the Steam store.