CBS’ The Good Fight Encourages Real Race War Antics By Promoting Unprovoked Violence
The Good Fight

On April 12th, 2019 CBS posted up a short clip from The Good Fight‘s April 11th, 2019 episode on the show’s official Twitter account. The clip contained a character from the show, played by Nyambi Nyambi, walking through the street and talking down the idea of violence, but he quickly renounces that viewpoint by bringing up Richard Spencer getting punched in the face, and then he embraces the idea of engaging in unprovoked violence.

On April 13th, 2019 Nick Monroe caught wind of the tweet from the official account, and also managed to re-post the clip for The Good Fight after the official account deleted the tweet a day later, following a deluge of reports that the clip was inciting race-based violence. You can view the original clip below.

There was also a re-upload of the video over on YouTube by user Jorn Hansen, which you can view in case the tweet doesn’t work.

If you’re unable to watch the video, Nyambi’s character states…

“Is it all right to hit a Nazi unprovoked?


“I was always taught to never throw the first punch. Never instigate. Defend but don’t attack. But then I saw a video of the white nationalist, Richard Spencer, being punched in the face during an interview and I realized… Spencer was in a pressed suit, wearing a tie, being interviewed like his opinion mattered. Like he should be considered part of the conversation, like Neo-Nazism was just one political point of view.


“And then I realized that there’s no better way to show some speech is not equal. Some speech requires a more visceral response. It’s like Overton’s Window. That’s the term from which ideas are tolerated in public discourse. Well, Overton’s Window doesn’t mean shit unless it comes with some enforcement. So yeah, this is enforcement.


“It’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

Now some people tried to argue that the clip was fictional and that he was obviously inferring to the violence being meted out against other fictional Nazis… right? Well, wrong.

As Nick Monroe points out, the show very readily is willing to break the fourth wall as Nyambi addresses the audience with the real-life event that took place involving Richard Spencer, a figurehead for the Alt-Right, in which he was legitimately punched in the face while giving an interview at a rally. The ad uses that as a catalyst to encourage people to “punch a few Nazis”. It ties into events that unfold in the show involving race war-esque antics surrounding voting.

Monroe even goes so far as to use a recent Twitter poll for Star Wars to indicate how far-Left extremism can blur the lines of who is considered a “Nazi”, and how that interpretation can be used to seriously cause societal unrest.

A bunch of people also responded to the original tweet on the verified account of The Good Fight indicating that they were not at all pleased with the inflammatory tone of the clip.

All of this calling for violence, however, wasn’t just an ad posted on Twitter.

According to Entertainment Weekly the clip at the top featuring Nyambi actually appears a short clip in the fifth episode of the third season after Nyambi’s character had already punched a “Nazi” in the face during a short bathroom scuffle.

To add some context to all of this, the whole speech about punching Nazis came about via the show’s proxy of the Yellow Jackets in the form of the Red Jackets. The show glorifies using doxing to fire people for having ideas that SJWs don’t like.

Entertainment Weekly contextualized the show’s lead-up to the violence, writing…

“So, Polly asks Lucca to snap some photos of every Red Jacket so that she can dox them. Yes, this is another instance in which the show’s leftist contingent uses the other side’s methods and weapons against them.


“As Lucca and Jay wait for Polly’s doxing to do its work, they watch Naomi interview the Red Jackets’ leader, who is pretty open about his racism. After the interview ends, Jay runs into him in the bathroom and actually ends up punching him. One of the Republican lawyers is in one of the stalls when this happens, but he covers for Jay and pretends like it didn’t happen. This camaraderie rears its head again outside of the school where one of the Red Jackets flips out over being fired from his job because of Polly’s doxing. Lucca admits she doxed him and the other Republican lawyer stands up with her, as do many others. And that ends up leading to an all-out street fight between the Nazis and everyone else. The Good Fight is a fairly cynical show, but it’s rather optimistic of it to show Democrats and Republicans uniting to beat up Nazis. Cars are flipped, windows are smashed.”

So basically, the Red Jackets were angry that one of their friends got fired after getting doxed, and the show’s “heroes” end up beating up the Red Jackets due to their ideology.

This kind of incitement of violence against people who are “Nazis” is a scary insinuation from a major mainstream network like CBS – actively promoting people to punch other people perceived as “Nazis”, even if unprovoked.

As others pointed out in the Twitter thread, in the eyes of far-Left regressive Social Justice Warriors, everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a Nazi. also pointed out that this wasn’t even the first time that CBS’ The Good Fight went down that path. The article notes that in previous episodes the show toyed with the idea of assassinating President Donald Trump and bombing Mar-A-Lago.

They also pointed to the Rotten Tomatoes scores from verified reviewers, who have it stamped at 96% out of 100%, with majority of the reviewers praising the show’s far-Left antics and violent-induced commentary toward those who aren’t in agreement with the Social Justice Warrior ideology.

As mentioned in the article about Red Dead Redemption 2’s SJW agenda, the Overton Window in today’s society is chiefly Liberal. It’s even acknowledged in the quote above from the character in the show. Anyone who doesn’t align their views with the Intersectional Inquisition’s hegemony is either cast out, turned into a pariah, or targeted with doxing, harassment, or violence.

The fact that a national network would allow a show to so brazenly and openly encourage race war-inspired rhetoric, espouse tension through polemics, and promote unprovoked violence should be eye-opening to anyone watching the show or even remotely aware of its caustic politics.

(Thanks for the news tip Nick)


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