Comparison Shows Kasumi’s Boobs In Dead Or Alive 6 Are Same Size As Dead Or Alive 5
Dead or Alive 6

YouTuber Providence777 went through the painstaking and tortuously in-depth task of comparing the bust sizes of Kasumi from Dead or Alive 6 with past games to determine if her boobs had been reduced in the newest game. Well, after 24 minutes of doing a lot of precision comparisons between the different meshes of Kasumi over the course of several games, starting with Dead or Alive 3.

After extracting the files, loading them into the model viewers, and examining her different character models, gamers are able to see for themselves what the true boob sizes are for Kasumi in each game.

You can check out the near half-hour video below.

The first half of the video covers comparisons between Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive: Ultimate and Dead or Alive 5.

It’s noted that in Dead or Alive: Ultimate Kasumi’s boobs sit up higher than in the other games. Her boobs are pushed closer together, so the cleavage looks tighter and more voluptuous, but otherwise the protuberance is about the same, along with the girth.

After going through some issues to get the model imported from Dead or Alive 6, we finally get to see the comparison between Kasumi’s mesh in Dead or Alive 5 and Dead or Alive 6.

Kasumi Boobs - Dead or Alive 5 vs Dead or Alive 6

They made Kasumi’s waist slightly thicker in Dead or Alive 6 as well, especially in comparison to her model in Dead or Alive 3.

It’s funny that in Dead or Alive 6 they technically made Kasumi a little fatter in the torso department.

Providence777 mentioned near the end of the video…

“So it seems that the idea that the breasts were bigger in previous games is just the result of an optical illusion from simply having created a smaller waist, and a higher pelvis.”

The higher pelvis gave Kasumi a more svelte look compared to how she appears in Dead or Alive 6.

Providence777 also provided links to the files he used in the video so you can run a test of the models yourself. You can download the files from over on Google Drive.

The charge of the smaller boobs in Dead or Alive 6 actually came about after producer Yohei Shimbori claimed that they had “toned down” the sexualization of the women in the game and wanted to mirror the design after American comic book movies, going for “cool” over “shapely”.

Shimbori would also later say that they shrunk the girls’ proportions to make them look “more human”.

This created a massive backlash against Dead or Alive 6 and a lot of comparisons about the boob sizes in the game.

In a way, Shimbori wasn’t wrong. The boobs do appear smaller in Dead or Alive 6 because they’ve been geometrically lowered and – in Kasumi’s case – her waist made thicker and slightly wider so that even though her boob proportions mostly stayed the same, they do give the optical visage of seeming smaller.

Of course, even if Kasumi has been cleared of any charges of having smaller boobs, we still don’t know for sure where other characters like Nyontengu, Tina, or Helena fit on the scale. Many presumed that Shimbori and the crew at Team Ninja pumped up the proportions of the girls before the Tokyo Game Show in order to quell some of the dissent, but there’s really no way to prove that unless someone from the team comes forward with the data.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard Pell and Zach Z)


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