CringeAnarchy, Anti-SJW Community Shut Down By Reddit Admins For “Encouraging Violence”

Reddit’s /r/CringeAnarchy/ has been permanently shut down by the Reddit administrators for allegedly “encouraging violence”. If you attempt to visit the sub-reddit you’ll be greeted with a message stating that it’s no longer active.

The community, which boasted over 400,000 subscribers, was nuked on April 25th, 2019.

If you attempt to visit the sub now you’ll only see the following message.

There’s still the imgur sub for CringeAnarchy, but it hasn’t been updated since September 27th, 2018, back when Reddit’s administrators quarantined the sub, along with a number of other subs, such as /r/911truth, /r/WatchPeopleDie, /r/TheRedPill/, and /r/SubOfPeace/, to name but a few.

The quarantines were passed down for sub-reddits that were labeled as either “racist”, “bigoted”, “misogynistic”, or “hateful”.

In this case, they outright banned /r/CringeAnarchy/ for what they claimed was encouraging violence.

However, there’s no way to know if that was true given that there’s no evidence provided to the offending posts, and the sub was quickly removed from the web cache.

Unfortunately there are no recent archives of the sub either, so there’s no way to know if it’s true that there were posts that happened to “encourage violence”.

[Update:] Thankfully there’s a thread on KotakuInAction2 that archived 86,000 posts and more than 1.9 million comments. So you’ll be able to parse through the sub in plain text if you’re so willing.

However, given that Reddit has been ramping up what it considers to be “calls for violence”, which means wishing death on any group of people could net your account and the entire sub a ban.

As pointed out in the KotakuInAction2 thread, CringeAnarchy never gave an inch in terms of criticizing and mocking the politically correct crowd, especially Social Justice Warriors and the media stooges that continue to give their warped ideology a platform.

In preparation for the 2020 elections, we’ve seen a number of measures being taken to either reduce the spread of mimetic imagery, or shut down certain outlets or avenues that would allow people to undermine a candidate due to their corruption or malfeasance. For instance, Wikileak’s Julian Assange was recently arrested, as reported by The Daily Helmsman. Wikileaks played a crucial role in the 2016 elections for exposing the Democratic National Committee’s corruption, which led to a number of role shifts within the committee.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are also cutting down or blacklisting anything they deem as “fake news” or “hate speech” in order to stifle news and information that doesn’t align with certain agendas being pushed by mainstream news media outlets. And now we’re slowly but surely seeing Reddit cut down and cut out various sub-reddits that openly mock and deride the SJW agenda.

While people might think that CringeAnarchy was just an edgy politically incorrect community, it’s more about the wider implications of these massive social media platforms trying to control the flow of information and reduce dissent. As most people pointed out in the KIA2 thread, /r/The_Donald/ will probably be the next major sub to get nuked, with Reddit ensuring that there are no major communities that can expose or stand against the Regressive Left’s agenda, especially as the campaign trail for the 2020 elections get into full-swing.

(Thanks for the news tip KIA2 and Quickshooter)


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