Days Gone Gameplay Walkthrough
Days Gone Gameplay Walkthrough

Bend Studio’s Days Gone has been highly anticipated among gamers. The game is already being attacked by game journalists for featuring a straight, white male protagonist, which is verboten in today’s society where degeneracy is celebrated and reprobates are championed. Days Gone is every bit as masculine as you would expect it to be, and the main character is a testosterone-driven alpha male, unlike all the pathetic game journalists who are so low-T they couldn’t even cut it as underpass schlong-blowers in east L.A. Nevertheless, if you were curious what the gameplay is like in Days Gone, and you wanted to get some tips for trekking your way through the zombie apocalypse for the PS4 exclusive, there are some gameplay walkthroughs available.

You can check out the first part of the Days Gone walkthrough courtesy of ThePapiGfunk Plays. The full game clocks in at around 13 – 16 hours, so it gives you some heft and mileage out of the longevity factors. At the start of the game you can choose to play on Easy, Normal, or Hard. So even game journalists are accommodated.

Days Gone: How To Play – Controls

Like every PS4 exclusive, the game starts with a cinematic where Deacon St. John puts his wife on a helicopter to help her escape while the city goes up in flames. When the cinematic ends it fast-forwards to two years later.

There’s another short cinematic where Deacon and Boozer come across Alvarez who was bloodied and beat up by a dude name Leon. The game finally transitions into actual gameplay, where you ride the motorcycle through the streets and off the trails while chasing down the biker.

Use the ‘X’ button on the DualShock 4 to boost after him and stay on his trail.

He’ll run into the forest and you’ll need to track him. This leads to a minor chase through the forest that requires using the Survival Vision. You can use the right thumbstick to activate Survival Vision, which is basically an easy mode for game journalists to activate a navpoint if you get lost or need to scavenge for items.

Use R3 to search surrounding areas, and press Square on the DualShock to investigate points of interest.

After the cinematic with Leon, use the Survival Vision on the camp to grab the supplies and craft some bandages from within the item wheel by using the L1 bumper.

Another cinematic will ensue and then you’ll end up at a blockade where you’ll need to push the vehicles out of the way. Again, you interact with environmental objects using Square.

Days Gone - Boozer

You’ll also end up in your first melee encounter. Tap Square to break free from being held and tap R2 to perform melee attacks.

You can also roll/dodge using R1.

You can perform directional melee attacks using the left analog stick by aiming it at an enemy (whether they’re on-screen or off-screen) and tapping the melee button.

In dark areas you can examine or illuminate areas by tapping down down on the digital pad to activate the flashlight.

You will need the flashlight in dark areas.

When you reach the tunnel be sure to use your ammo sparingly, this isn’t DOOM and you aren’t the Doom Slayer, so be tactical.

You can also mark enemies from afar using the binoculars by tapping up on the digital bad, and highlighting them within view.

Also, don’t hesitate to check vehicles. Unlike other games you can actually scavenge supplies from derelicts. Be sure to check hoods, trunks, and doors for ammo and additional crafting supplies.

You can sprint by pressing in the L3 button on the left thumbstick and you can sneak by crouching.

If you crouch using stealth, you can sneak up behind enemies and do a stealth takedown by pressing Triangle.

Make your way through the parking lot and into the garage. You’ll find the fuel bump for the bike inside the garage over on the right side of the room.

Be sure to also grab some supplies from the nearby rooms and there’s a makeshift silencer you can get from the hood of the red car in the parking lot.

Once you get the part and head back outside Boozer will get waylaid by Rippers and have his arm nearly burned off by a blowtorch.

Kill the rippers using the pistol. The reason you’ll want to use the pistol is because the Rippers have guns, too, and they will use cover fire against you, and the shotgun has a very short range on it.

Once you get the Rippers wiped out, another short cinematic will play and Deacon will need to go kill some marauders. It’s easiest if you use stealth to take out the marauders one by one. There are only six so it isn’t too difficult.

Once you finish off the six marauders you’ll need to head to your bike’s location and then chase down one of Copeland’s men back to his camp.

Copeland will give you a mission and a spare bike. You’ll need to head to the NERO checkpoint to find some supplies to help with Boozer’s arm.

Make your way to the back o fthe NERO refugee center and try to start the generator. It’ll need gas. Head back to the street and there’s a red gas tank on the back of a broke down tow truck. Fill up the generator and turn it on and then quickly head up on top of the trailers and disable the speakers.

Go around on the other side of the trailer and inside you’ll find some health supplies and medikits.

Inside the trailer there’s a case in one of the rooms that has the sterile bandages and a NERO injector. If you find these injectors you can permanently increase your health, stamina, or focus ability.

Exit the trailer and head back to your bike and proceed to exit the camp. Head back up to the mountain and give Boozer the supplies.

You should have a crossbow, a rifle, and an axe by now.

Your next mission is to head to the communication tower further northwest up the mountain.

YouTuber MKIceandFire captures the rest of the early first half of the game.

On your way up to the communications tower you’ll run into a bandit outpost.

You can either stop well ahead of the camp and attempt to circle around and take out the bandits stealthily, or you can go in guns a blazin’ like Rambo.

You’ll be able to stock up on ammo and even get your hands on an AK947. You’ll need to judge if you’re better off with the AK-47 (which zaps through ammo, isn’t very accurate, but packs a mean punch) or stick with the bolt-action rifle (which can knock out enemies from a long range and can make the most out of a few rounds).

Once you get done killing the bandits, restart the generator and then head inside the maintenance shed and down into the bunker using the floor panel.

As you level up through gaining experience points, you’ll also earn skill points for Melee, Ranged, and Survival. When you get the NERO syringes and skill points, you’ll want to level up your Stamina first and foremost because you’ll need to be able to run fast and run hard if things turn sour, especially if you encounter a horde.

Once you get the supplies head up to the top of the radio tower and use the binoculars to spot out the camp in the mountains where the smoke is coming from. It’ll mark the location on your map and then you’ll need to ride there.

When you get there, watch out for the bear traps and trip wires on the ground. It’s easy to mistakenly step into the trap and then screw yourself over by alerting the bandits with Deacon’s screams.

If you want to get the drop on them from afar, the rifle is your best bet. If you would prefer engaging in a straight-up firefight, then stick with using the AK-47.

Days Gone - Out of Ammo

As you scavenge gear from the bandit camp – with a motorcycle repair kit being inside of a police car leading up toward the power plant, just north of the camp – you’ll also pick up a couple of other missions. One is to bury Alvarez further north of where you are, and the other is to track down a drugged-up biker with a motorcross helmet for Copeland. There’s also a camp site filled with bandits just south of the power plant.

Now one of the benefits of taking out the bandits at the camp site is that there are a couple of motorcycles there, in case you were planning on replacing the one you have.

If you have plans on clearing out the nests at the logging site then again make sure you go in equipped and have a fully repaired melee weapon and enough ammo. The initial freakers moving around the camp site are pretty sparse, so you should be able to stealthily take them out.

Inside the logging site the nests can easily be dispatched with a single Molotov cocktail. You might want to make sure you have enough Molotov cocktails before you go charging in. And definitely don’t go in at night, otherwise they will swarm you and they will kill you.

Every time a nest is destroyed it will draw out freakers to your location. Four of the nests at the logging site are in the large warehouse.

If you can’t fight them all, you can run outside and hide in a trash can or you can hide in the bushes just outside.

The last two nests are located at lodges just further into the logging site. You can use an explosive red barrel just outside the one shack to blow up the site without wasting a Molotov cocktail.

Once you finish the logging mission you might want to finish the drugged biker mission. However, you might want to make sure you refuel first.

The drifter mission is pretty simple, since it’s like Road Redemption and you just have to chase down moto rider and shoot up his bike.

Once you get done with that mission you can spend some of your credits and hard-earned coin to upgrade your bike or buy supplies from the merchants in Copeland’s hideout.

The game also features a radio show called Radio Free Oregon that pops on every once in a while with some Conservative truth bombs that it lobs at the players, making it very well known that the developers certainly aren’t soy infested like NetherRealm Studios or the SJWs that have infested the California offices of SIE, who have made it their goal to ruin the lives of weebs by needlessly censoring Japanese video games.

Anyway, before you can leave with Boozer and head north, you first have to clear out the remaining nests.

Days Gone - Mad Motorist

Head back to the gas station from the beginning of the game and clear out the infestation nests.

One tactic is to throw cocktails at each of the nests – they’re highlighted with the poop stains around the wall and the junk stuffed through the windows – and then running away and hiding in the bushes until the freakers stop looking for you.

One of the last missions of the early portion of the game is clearing out the the Horse Creek ambush camp.

Days Gone - Inside The Bunker

Once you clear out the bandits, head up top on the hill where the radio tower is located and there’s a hatch. Press Square to open the hatch and head inside the bunker.

You’ll find some crafting supplies and a map inside.

She Rode With Us

You’ll also need to finish up Leon’s mission at the cemetery before you can head out. You can also complete the Alvarez mission by throwing a Molotov cocktail on her dead body to complete the side-mission.

Inside the cemetery you’ll need to look for the angel statue. You’ll find it further into the grave site, with a few freakers straggling about.

Find the dilapidated weeping angel and then use the survival scan to track the package to a nearby tomb.

A NERO helicopter will fly overhead. You’ll need to listen in on their research talk. You are not supposed to engage in combat since their hazmat suits are impervious to your attacks. You’ll need to distract the NERO researchers by throwing rocks and then sneaking past them into the bushes while they’re distracted.

You’ll find out that there was a high concentration of freakers at the Grotto. Deacon will also receive some info that makes him think that Sarah may still be alive.

The mission here plays out very similar to something out of Metal Gear Solid.

Once you get done with the story missions and side-missions you can then do the Price on your Head mission located up in the mountains.

Clear out the Rippers attacking the gate and then head inside to find Tucker and Alkai.


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