Dead Or Alive 6 Update Adds Censorship Toggle To Cover Up The Girls’ Thighs, Butt, Cleavage
Dead or Alive 6 Toggle

Team Ninja has been hit with a deluge of requests for Dead or Alive 6, including the return of the OMG Mode, fantasy modes, tag-team modes, improved lobby support, better unlocks, and a more reasonable way to acquire some of the DLC outside of the $92 season pass. Well, all of that was put on the back burner so that they could add a censorship toggle mode for the FGC e-sports tournaments called “Exposure Minimization” in update 1.04a.

Funnily enough this was a mode that gamers actually requested from the developers of the game Hyper Universe as a compromise instead of simply removing all of the fan-service from the game. However, Nexon’s local U.S., branch said that an SJW toggle switch would have negated the purpose of censoring the game. To no one’s surprise, Hyper Universe ended up on the Get Woke; Go Broke – Master List.

In the case of Dead or Alive 6, the new “Exposure Minimization” toggle makes it where it adds black spats and sports bras underneath the girls’ clothing, so all of their cleavage and thighs are covered up, showing very little skin, as demonstrated below.

Dead or Alive 6 - Exposure Minimization 2

The hilariousness of it all is that they actually aren’t cloth meshes but just black textures put over the girls’ skin and underneath their clothes. This gives the impression that they’re wearing black sports gear underneath their clothing.

As noted by Twitter user NepsKnight, the new “Exposure Minimization” was added to the game but not featured in the patch notes for home consoles or PC. It appears in the options menu just underneath the “Event Mode” setting.

It’s true that the option doesn’t appear in the patch notes at all. If you travel to the Steam page, where the latest changelog for version 1.04a was posted on April 24th, 2019, it doesn’t say anything about the “Exposure Minimization”.

The results are unmistakably obvious, though.

>Dead or Alive 6 - Exposure level of some costumes

I suppose you could consider this to be classified under “additional costume support”, but it seems like a stretch of the definition.

Now gamers aren’t actually mad about the inclusion of this optional setting. They do have issues with the fact that this was included into the game before better balancing, more lewd costume options, and features like the OMG setting (which producer Yohei Shimbori had previously mentioned wouldn’t be making a return to the game because it was “too exaggerated”) was added. Shortly after the terrible launch of Dead or Alive 6 they did mention that they would improve the sexy-time physics in the game, but didn’t offer any timetables.

Dead or Alive 6 - Core Values

At this point it looks like a banal attempt from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo to earn a few woke points from the usual suspects and maybe earn some good graces to get back into the e-sports’ SJW circles with the “Exposure Minimization”.

For those of you who don’t remember (or don’t know), EVO booted Dead or Alive 6 out of the official 2019 line-up after the livestream featured two Japanese models having fun by lightly showcasing their real-life boob and butt jiggling during an EVO Japan demonstration. This led to the EVO organizers in America claiming that the segment didn’t represent the “core values” of the Fighting Game Community.

The hilarity of it all comes from the fact that Yohei Shimbori had been constantly telling press how much they “toned down” Dead or Alive 6, likely in hopes of staying in the auspices of the e-sports circuits. But it didn’t really pan out when the ruse was up and people saw that the game still featured sexy-time outfits and boob-jiggling. So now they’re trying it again with the minimization option so that some costumes look less sexy in the game by covering up key areas of skin.

Dead or Alive 6 - Exposure Minimization

Anyway, I doubt this will lure in more core gamers to Dead or Alive 6, especially since Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is far more beloved within the community based on the Steam Charts, but it might help with maintaining some paucity within the e-sports tournament circles.

(Thanks for the news tip Sans, Zach Z, and Yogensha)


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