Dead Or Alive 6’s Censorship Toggle Was Added To Circumvent YouTube’s Demonetization, Says Tournament Committee
Dead or Alive 6

In the most recent update for Dead or Alive 6, Team Ninja added a feature called “Exposure Minimization”. What this does is it adds pretty much black censor bars over the girls’ cleavage, thighs, and butt. The black texture is layered underneath certain clothes. It looks really tacky, but according to the tournament committee that handles the game’s e-sports organization, this was done to combat the recent spat of demonetization that YouTube has been handing out to people who upload content for the game.

The news came via a tweet from the official tournament executive committee, who made the post on April 26th, 2019 in response to a user who requested them to not enable the Exposure Minimization option during the upcoming CEO tournament set to take place between June 28th and June 30th.

It was suspected that the censorship was added for the purpose of getting Dead or Alive 6 back into the good graces of the FGC.

The game was axed from EVO 2019’s line-up after an EVO Japan demonstration where two female models were up on stage showing off how their butts and boobs jiggle just like in Dead or Alive 6 and the EVO organizers said that the segment didn’t align with their “core values”.

However, the Twitter account makes it known that the censorship toggle will also help with the demonetization. For those of you who don’t know, YouTube has been auto-demonetizing content creators who upload content for certain kinds of games, specifically Mortal Kombat 11 and Dead or Alive 6.

Dead or Alive 6 - Exposure Minimization

Now in the case of Mortal Kombat 11 the game’s red blood and gore was what was triggering YouTube’s algorithm and causing it to automatically demonetize content. In the case of Dead or Alive 6, the executive tournament committee believes that the Exposure Minimization toggle will help with reducing the demonetization.

To be clear, though, I can’t say for certain that the black bars underneath the girls’ clothing will actually reduce YouTube’s auto-demonetization algorithm from flagging videos, but it might be worth a shot for people who make a living producing YouTube content for games like Dead or Alive 6.

Obviously, the Exposure Minimization toggle won’t help one iota with the game’s piss-poor sales, which were down 40% compared to Dead or Alive 5, but at least YouTubers might be able to make a few extra coins on their content, eh?

(Thanks for the news tip Richard Pell and Zach Z)


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