Deadwood Movie Trailer Sets Up A Showdown For The End Of An Era
Deadwood Trailer

Way back in 2004 HBO’s Deadwood aired for the very first time. Ushering in a cold, violent, unsanitary look at the Wild West through the fresh eyes of an uncensored lens. It managed to pick up its own cult following over the years, but not before it first became a critical success that met a seemingly untimely end just two years into its run. Fans begged HBO for a conclusive finale for the Western drama, and surprisingly – 13 years after the show ended – the premium cable network obliged.

Seemingly out of nowhere a trailer for Deadwood: The Movie dropped, giving fans a look at the aged but still very recognizable cast. Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant resume their respective roles as Al Swearengen and Seth Bullock. Only this time the gunslinging Bogarts aren’t just facing the personal dramas that drive their conflict, there’s also a strong thematic presence of the changing times, where the ways of the old outlaws are being replaced with the more recognizable sensibilities of technology and modern justice. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The plot isn’t really laid out in any real clear way within the trailer. It’s not like it says “Here are the good guys and here are the bad guys”. It’s more layered and complex than that; working from the motivations of the characters and creating the interpersonal conflict that expands outward into consequences that affect more than the just the person taking actions into their own hands.

For some this trailer probably came out of nowhere, as evident with some of the comments on the video. For others it’s been a long time coming, waiting to see how this inconclusive cable TV series would finally bring closure to its unresolved character arcs.

Technically, HBO had given fans the heads-up as far back as July of 2018, when sites like Horror Geek Life reported that a film was in the works and was scheduled to shoot in October of that year in preparation for a summer, 2019 release.

Well, it looks like HBO is sticking with that schedule and prepping to give fans of Deadwood one final sendoff when the film makes its theatrical debut on May 31st, 2019 heading into the busy summer months. Hopefully it wraps everything up nice and neat so this way fans will find some conclusive end to the series that they were cheated out of back in 2006.


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