Dissenter Extension Removed From Firefox Add-Ons Gallery For “Abuse”


Mozilla informed Gab.com – the creators of the comment extension, Dissenter – that the browser extensions has been removed from the Firefox add-ons gallery after they received reports of “Abuse”.

Originally the comment extension was listed in the search gallery, but now if you search up the add-on only an off-brand comment aggregator from Marcel Ganczak called “Comment Aggregator” appears, which is actually based on Dissenter.

Reclaim The Net picked up the news from tweets made by the official Dissenter account, where they shared a notice from Mozilla on April 10th, 2019 indicating that the extension was removed from the add-ons gallery in Firefox.

They did reach out to Mozilla to ask what part of the terms of service did Dissenter violate to warrant removal from the gallery.

Mozilla actually did respond and listed the reasons why they pulled the extension after receiving reports of “abuse”.

If you’re unable to read the image in the tweet, Mozilla stated…

“We have received abuse reports for this extension and have become aware that it is being used to ‘degrade, intimidate, incite violence against, or encourage prejudicial action against someone or a group based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, religion, geographic location or other protected category.” As our Acceptable Use Policy […] does not permit such conduct, this extension is not suitable to be listed on addons.mozilla.org.”

Gab responded by asking Mozilla what exactly violated their terms of service on Dissenter, since it was left rather vague as to what Dissenter was used for that put it outside the Acceptable Use Policy. However, Mozilla didn’t offer a response to their request at the time of writing this article.

Dissenter is a boon for free speech on the internet because it allows you to leave comments on any web page, anywhere, at any time. It’s basically a comment aggregator app, and a lot of people use it in places where comments are disabled or heavily moderated or censored. It picked up a lot of momentum when Rotten Tomatoes closed down their comment section during the Captain Marvel fiasco, and it steadily gains steam whenever or wherever comment sections are closed down or disabled on a hot button topic.

It’s still possible to get Dissenter for Firefox but you’ll have to download it manually from the Dissenter.com download page.

Follow the instructions on how to install the app manually to your Firefox browser in order to begin using the comment extension.

(Thanks for the news tip EvaUnit02)