Domino Trailer Depicts A Twisting, Turning Thriller From Brian De Palma Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

It’s shocking to see a minority as a villain in a mainstream movie in today’s ultra-woke society. Oftentimes in [current year] minorities are all portrayed as saints and white guys are always evil. Most times you can’t cast minorities as villains unless the lead is also a minority, like Black Panther. However, in the case of Brian De Palma’s Domino, the opposite is true. The villain appears to be a killer working as an asset for the CIA, while the lead character, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is on the hunt to bring him and his associates to justice.

The trailer starts like some kind of a routine cop revenge flick, with Nikolaj and his partner entering into an apartment and coming across what looks like some kind of a terrorist plot. Things go south pretty quickly when the main bad guy manages to undo his cuffs and cut up Nikolaj’s partner, leading to a daring chase, an escape, and a mystery surrounding this villainous individual. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of One Media.

The movie takes a drastic turn, as one would expect from De Palma.

It turns out that the villain that Nikolaj was hunting was actually a CIA asset.

However, there’s yet another twist: it’s believed that someone helped him escape.

The trailer avoids giving anything away, and instead leaves you wondering who could be the villain’s accomplice? Why would they help him escape? What role does the CIA play in all of this? And will this movie leave you as confused as Memento or Body Double?

Anyway, the trailer alone has a lot of De Palma’s hallmarks, including his use of color-rich lighting and and tonal hues that veer from one palette to the next in each scene like a music video.

Hopefully the movie isn’t one of those bait-and-switch flicks where it turns out it’s actually some sort of Leftist propaganda, because that would be a real shame. But based on the trailer alone it looks pretty slick.


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