Editorial: Journalists Don’t Want Us To Call Them Socialist… But Screw ‘Em
Game Journo Socialists

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest editorial from YouTuber Vee]

One way to characterize fascism is to define it as state worship. According to Benito Mussolini, this system politicizes everything spiritual and human: “Everything within the statenothing outside the statenothing against the state“.

So when the people that are in dire need of a helicopter say “the personal is political” and “everything is political” they are unironically advocating for cultural fascism. The idea is that you should not be allowed to have any more privacy or escape from political propaganda. Everything you do in your free time, should be judged, held under deep scrutiny and you should receive consequences if you step out of line.

This is why they advocate to push political agendas in ALL mediums of entertainment and not just any politics but their version of it of course.

Now you as a working man who just wants to play a video game is probably annoyed that your favorite franchise has its character description sound like grindr profiles (Apex legends) or the sacrilegious white male character is locked behind a grind or pay wall (Also apex legends) or that your legion of Romans is commanded by stronk independent women (Rome Total War 2) or that the Japanese game you wanted has story elements removed in the translation (Fire Emblem).

And when you go on a forum to voice displeasure you are censored, banned and called a troll. Why? Because they do not believe you are genuine. They do not believe that you actually want politics out since they are fascist. They think everything is political and if it’s not THEIR politics then it’s yours and you are obviously a fascist for wanting normative heterosexist depictions of women in Mortal Kombat rather then “a strong empowering dyke like Sheeva” (this is what the Daily Dot unironically called her, look at them not me)

And at this point I think we should use their ideology against them. If the personal is political and if everything is political then let us call them out. They are not video game journalists, they are socialist posing as video game journalists. When a costumer is annoyed for receiving sass on Twitter from a socialist working at a game development company; when some one is angry that the western game industry is dying (look at EA stock crash plus the 700 people fired from Blizzard) then that anger should be channelled to the ideology responsible for this, which is socialism.

And yes I know they don’t ask to seize the means of production. They are in fact cultural Marxists, from the prestigious cult of intersectionality. And it should be pointed out that not all socialists are cultural Marxists but all cultural Marxists are socialists. However, this takes time to explain to an average person so the word socialist is the next best thing and more importantly it pisses them off more then you can imagine, to the point where they unironically start writing articles due to a few twitter posts.

So if they want to annoy you with their morality and fill your entertainment with their cancerous ideology. Then lets show to people how to annoy them in return. Bash socialism and give it the bad PR it deserves.

You see as I mentioned in my previous article where I pointed out how journalists are the bootlickers of corporations. They are the ones that soak up the PR damage that inevitably happens when a company gets woke. People get angry at the corporations, but the media makes articles attacking the gamers and then the journalists get the backlash. But if you bypass that, if you go right to the core of their ideology, if you point out that IT IS political and it’s THEIR politics, then that’s when you hurt them the most.

And remember: You can call the game journalist a cuck, an sjw, a beta male, a dirty dirty smear merchant. It all runs on him like water on a rain coat. But call him a socialist and you will be astonished on how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back “I’ve been found out“ – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez 😉


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