Editorial: Socialists Posing As Game Journalists Are Nothing But Corporate Bootlickers
Bootlicking Game Journalists

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest editorial from YouTuber Vee]

Every now and then you will see an article on Polygon or Kotaku talking about how angry gamers are the gatekeepers of the gaming industry. But here, dear gamer I ask you this, what power do you have as a single person sitting in your own home after coming from a hard 12-hour day at work to prevent any one from buying anything?

The sad reality is that the socialist parasites posing themselves as video game journalists are the actual gatekeepers. They are the ones who are the lapdogs of the multi-million dollar corporations that constantly wines and dines them to make sure they have a strong ally against the evil consumer.

The video game journalists and the pretentious bloggers from “authoritative” publications have become the ones that get to dictate what is acceptable and what isn’t in the gaming culture.

They have redefined words or have given existing words new meaning in order to be able to rush to the defense and become corporate bootlickers whenever a mediocre game gets any sort of criticisms… or in some cases, whenever a developer receives criticism, as outlined by TheQuartering.

For example:

Toxicity: People who are displaying a strong resistance against left wing politics , who are angry that a product is not as advertised or who are working class and do not have the proper PC vocabulary to express themselves. This is usually used as a reason to lock threads that hold valid criticism

Review Bombing: A term coined by corporations to defend their brand against consumers who are fed up with nonsense. This usually happens when a corporation pushes out a bad or broken product. People start complaining on the forums and they immediately get banned or censored. Then they go on the twitter where they usually receive sass from the devs and their journalist lackeys. Having no option they try to warn other people of the bad business practices that are being employed. Then the journalist gets to pressure Steam to do something about this horrible review bombing and start doing damage control and PR for the corporations.

Hateful/racist/misogynist comments: people we don’t like but love to have their money. We would like that these people just shut the fuck up, be good paypiggy to the developers and then go away. If possible ban them so that they have to purchase the game yet again if they want to start a new account. We don’t like “racists” but we have no problem sleeping at night knowing “racists” fund our businesses.

I could go on but you kinda get the point.

But the AAA companies also realised something important. If you want to have lapdogs you have to keep them fed. Because a hungry dog is a dangerous dog and can bite its master. So when the entire gaming community desperately tries to warn EA that Battlefield 5 will flop if they maintain course with their ideological stupidity, nothing changes. But when a couple of journos moan for three days about Ubisofts new DLC not allowing homosexual relationships the change is instant. In other words if you are a AAA company and need a cost effective PR team to destroy any online criticism to make it go away, just throw in some transgender characters, some token gays and you’re set for life.

This is why when Blizzard was criticized for having the audacity to get people to pay money to see Blizzard commercials (Blizzcon) the journalists were the first to call the gamers who don’t have phones “misogynists”, because you see women play mobile games, don’t you know? And clearly you are gatekeeping women from enjoying Diablo on a phone, because having a vagina somehow prevents you from having a computer.

Any one with two neurons to rub together can see what a disgusting display this is but there are few forums on the internet where people can still talk freely and express themselves.

This is why when THQ Nordic decided to have an AMA on 8chan the blue check mark class freaked out and had a complete melt down over it. Such a thing was heresy of epic proportions to allow a developer company to bypass the respectable journalist class and go straight to the consumer to talk to them. The only place such discussions are allowed to happen are under extreme moderated places such as “ResetEra”, “Reddit” or “authoritative” websites. Because after all how are the good leftist socialists getting wined and dined if AMAs on actual gaming communities were to become a trend? So of course they had to accuse THQ Nordic of being pedophiles because, you see, according to the journalists whom I have to assume know by experience 8chan allegedly has child porn on it somewhere and thus posting there makes you complicit.

I suppose that by this big brain logic posting on Twitter two years ago when loli was permissible and ISIS+Hamas accounts existed should make the blue check marks not only pedophile complicit but also terrorist sympathisers… right? Actually nevermind, don’t try to make sense of this because there is none to be made. It’s why most of the forums from video game websites are either closed or heavily moderated to prevent people making these DANGEROUS logical connections.

All in all I want to say that Its sad to see Leftists activists posing as journos become corporate bootlickers. The Left used to stand up for the little guy for consumer awareness. Because the working bloke coming home tired from a day of work, spending his heard earned money for a game deserves to get some entertainment so he can be relaxed and at full strength for the next work day. Now the Left constantly tries to find ways to screw and milk the working man out of the last dollar while making sure he shuts the hell up and ignores any real problems with the industry.

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