Female Project Manager At Microsoft Criticizes Company For Discrimination Against White Males, Asians
Microsoft Gets Woke

A female project manager at Microsoft took the company to task for their anti-white, anti-Asian stance when it comes to hiring males, as well as having discriminatory practices and measures that work against white and Asian males.

Quartz picked up the story from when some anonymous employees at Microsoft shared the posts from Yammer, which is a communication service that Microsoft employees use to pose questions and important matters to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

The gist of it is that the female project manager basically spilled a lot of common sense into the thread. Quartz collected her comments and published them on the site, where she stated…

“Because women used to be actively prohibited from full-time employment many decades ago, there is now the misguided belief that women SHOULD work, and if women AREN’T working, there’s something wrong…. Many women simply aren’t cut out for the corporate rat race, so to speak, and that’s not because of ‘the patriarchy,’ it’s because men and women aren’t identical, and women are much more inclined to gain fulfillment elsewhere.”


“We still lack any empirical evidence that the demographic distribution in tech is rationally and logically detrimental to the success of the business in this industry….We have a plethora of data available that demonstrate women are less likely to be interested in engineering AT ALL than men, and it’s not because of any *ism or *phobia or ‘unconscious bias’- it’s because men and women think very differently from each other, and the specific types of thought process and problem solving required for engineering of all kinds (software or otherwise) are simply less prevalent among women. This is an established fact. However, this established fact makes people very uncomfortable, because it suggests that the gender distribution in engineering might not actually be a problem (and thus women can no longer bleat about being victims of sexism in the workplace), these facts are ignored in favor of meaningless platitudes our SLT [senior leadership team] continues to shove down our throats – e.g. ‘We’re not doing enough’ and ‘we clearly have a long way to go.’”


“We MUST immediately cease the practice of attaching financial incentives and performance metrics to ‘diversity hiring’ – as long as we give more money and higher annual reviews explicitly for NOT hiring/promoting white men and Asians, this will continue to be a serious problem at the company.”

Quartz is already comparing this situation to James Damore’s fallout, where he mentioned similar problems with putting diversity ahead of common sense in a company memo, which led to his firing from Google. James Damore sued Google for discrimination, and managed to outline plenty of evidence of the company’s inner-office harassment of straight white males, Conservatives, and those with Right-leaning opinions.

The comments from the female project manager were reportedly sent to Microsoft’s human resources department. The likely outcome is that she will be fired, but the question is will Microsoft be willing to make headlines for firing a woman for having the wrong opinions and not kowtowing to the Social Justice Warrior agenda? Or will they exercise some sense of self-reflection and actually stop being racist against white and Asian males?

The media has been gung-ho in promoting racism against whites and against Asian males, so Microsoft would be risking the favor of the SJW-run media outlets if they actually did stop being racist against white and Asian males. However, if they decided to punish a woman for speaking the truth, they also run the risk of being smeared by SJW-run media outlets for not listening and believing a woman?

When a similar thing happened at Apple with their black vice president of diversity, Denise Young Smith —  who spoke up in defense of white men —  they had her replaced with a white trans employee.

As the old saying goes: Play stupid SJW games, win stupid SJW prizes.

Microsoft decided to make a bed of discrimination, and now they have to lie in it.

Typically we all know where that leads… a nice comfy spot on the Get Woke; Go Broke – Master List.

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