Fight Angel Enters Early Access On Steam; Uncensored Patch Available For Download
FIght Angel

Chinese developer Red Fox Studio announced that Fight Angel, the jiggle-physics heavy fighting game has officially entered into Early Access on Steam. You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for $19.99 from the Steam store.

According to the Early Access FAQ, they expect to stay in development for the next three to six months, adding in the ability to play via full network battle mode against other players online, as well as launch a fight club feature for online league play. There are additional characters in the developmental pipeline along with more costumes and props in which to customize the female fighters.

The Early Access version focuses mostly on the core content of the game, which is the character customization feature, the arcade mode, and the local battle mode.

The customization feature and female physics is where the game really shines. You’re able to modify the characters’ facial features, hair, body shape, bust size, and butt shape, and then outfit them with a variety of different costumes with layered functionality.

The cosplay aspect of the game will allow you to create your own unique fighter or replicate a fighter from an existing fighting game.

The character creation suite isn’t quite on the level of say Honet Select Unlimited, but you are afforded enough options to create the fighting waifu of your dreams.

What’s more is that unlike Dead or Alive 6, there’s a robust clothing destruction system available in Fight Angel to fully embrace the fan-service elements of the game.

To make the game even spicier there’s an uncensored patch for Fight Angel you can download from Mega.NZ

The file is only 2.0MB and Steam user Lesser Panda posted a quick tutorial on the Steam forums on how to install it. Simply download the file, and extract the contents to the following directory:
SteamsteamappscommonFight AngelFightAngel_DataStreamingAssets

Once you get that done you’ll have the fully uncensored version of the game right there available at your fingertips.

The core gameplay still needs some help as far as the fighting mechanics and timing is concerned, but as an indie project featuring fan-service they’re definitely heading in the right direction.


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