Gamble Fight Plus Launches On Steam; R18+ Nude Patch Available For Download Off-Site
Gamble Fight Plus

One Man Army and Eroge Japan recently released a 3D waifu-creating fighting game called Gamble Fight Plus. The basic gist of the game is that you create your waifu, then send her into battle and bet on the outcome of her performance.

The concept of the game seems kind of incongruous for this genre of content, but basically you have to fight to earn money to further customize your character with new clothes, new weapons, new faces, and new hairstyles.

It’s a little bit like a waifu version of Front Mission or Battletech, but instead of mechs you’re fighting with hot chicks. And instead of unlocking devastating new weapons that can level buildings, you’re finding new ways to put that big, sweet cleavage on display.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

To be honest, the combat is kind of disjointed, and there isn’t much of a flow to the attacks. But the general attack animations aren’t that bad.

The game just really needs to be better refined with fixes to the camera rotation, improvements on the hit-reactions, and removal of the floating when stun-locked.

There’s definitely something to work with, and the core mechanics are certainly in place. Better paced fights with improved animations, especially for the hit detection, and smoother camera controls could help raise the user review rating to something a bit more positive.

Even still, the game features a single-player fight mode, a Gambling Mode where you can make bets against the computer, a Free Mode where you can battle against opponents with randomly equipped weapons and items, a 2-vs-2 tag team mode, 10 different weapons to select from, and 10 different base outfits.

Gamble Fight Plus - R18 Patch

And the best part about it? Full clothing destruction.

Yes, you can beat each other down until the characters are wearing nothing but their birthday suits. However, in order to gain access to that visually delightful delicacy, you’re going to need to acquire the R18+ patch.

Thankfully Steam user Bango provided links to the Chinese, Japanese, and English language versions of the patch. You can download the R18+ English language patch for Gamble Fight Plus from over on the Eroge Japan website.

If you feel like giving Gamble Fight Plus a chance, especially as the developers are actively updating it, improving the gameplay mechanics and stability, as well as removing the bugs, you can learn more or pick up a digital copy by visiting the Steam store page where Gambling Fight Plus is available for $9.99.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Ham)


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