Google Bans Dissenter From Chrome Web Store For “Hate Speech”

Mere hours after Mozilla banned the Dissenter extension from the Firefox add-ons library, Google sent a notice to the owners of to inform them that Dissenter had been banned from Chrome’s web store. If you attempt to search up the extension on the Chrome Web Store, it no longer shows up.

The news was part of a lengthy Twitter thread posted by the Dissenter account on April 11th, 2019.

There’s an image attached to the tweet with the notice from Google explaining why the Dissenter app was removed from Chrome.

If you’re unable to read the message in the image, it states…

“Your Google Chrome item, “Dissenter Extension”with ID: […] did not comply with our policies and was removed from the Google Chrome Web Store. Your item did not comply with our policies, including the policies relating to threatening, harassment, or bullying of others and hate speech:


“Violent or Bullying Behavior:
“Depictions of gratuitous violence are not allowed. Apps should not contain materials that threaten, harass, or bully other users.


“To protect our users, we’ll take additional action against developers who repeatedly or egregiously violate our policies, including suspending their access to the Chrome Web Store or terminating their Google account. If you have additional questions regarding this policy violation, please reply to this email. Please note that you may not receive an immediate reply.”

As pointed out in the tweets by those at Gab, there is no context and no information on how the extension actually violated the terms of service, since neither Google nor Mozilla opted to offer any examples whatsoever. But given that Google was recently in headlines for a  leaked memo confirming that they blacklist and shadow ban websites they deem “problematic”, this kind of news shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone.

And so far, it’s all just claims of Dissenter violating the terms of service, no actual proof.

As noted in a video by Tim Pool, the removal of Dissenter from the app stores was likely spurred on by all of the Left-wing media attacks labeling the extension as “Alt-Right” and advocating “Nazism”.

Some people see this as a dangerous slippery slope, others – especially those on Reddit – defended Mozilla and Google by claiming that these web browsers aren’t obligated to provide users with free speech, and if people want to push the plugin then they can build their own web service.


Since this is a typical goal-post pushing excuse used by the Social Justice crowd, the folks at Gab are actually doing just that. They announced via Twitter that they would be working to build their own browser to go along with the social media service they built, and the free speech comment aggregator they designed.

Whenever Leftists say “build your own [insert product here]” usually people spurned by the platform holders go ahead and do just that. However, the problem always comes in with losing support from payment processors and hosting providers, which is what happened with Bitchute and Gab; or there’s some form of enforced censorship like what happened when the ISPs in New Zealand began blocking sites like 8chan, Voat, and Liveleak for hosting content they didn’t want people to see.

However, if Gab does manage to build a brand new browser, I’m curious to see how the SJW establishment will attempt to prevent it from spreading or what lengths they’ll go to in order to censor people from accessing it.

In the meantime, you can still manually download the Dissenter extension for Chrome, for free, by grabbing the add-on from over on the official Dissenter website.

(Thanks for the news tip The Positivist)


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