Hobbs And Shaw Trailer Goes Way Over The Top With A Cameo From Roman Reigns
Hobbs and Shaw

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw looks like the kind of super-charged action movie that would have starred Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger had it been made in the late 1980s, just with an extra dose of bare boobs and plenty of violent gore, but in today’s era it’s a PG-13 safe action flick with a lot of bloodless gunfights, strong empowered females who don’t need no man, and a cameo from WWE star Roman Reigns.

The trailer for the upcoming film is completely ridiculous, though. But I will admit that the first 45 seconds is pretty hilarious with Statham not being able to get the door open with the bad guys he just beat up. From there, though, everything ramps up to eleven and they basically give away the entire plot of the film within the span of just of three and a half minutes. You can check it out for yourself so you can avoid seeing the film in theaters on August 2nd.

So most of the trailer retreads what we saw before but this time we find out that Shaw’s sister, who is somehow an uber-feminist fighter, is being tracked down by Idris Elba’s character. Typically, the black man desires to take the white woman by force, but this time there are two big obstacles in his way.

Hobbs and Shaw basically protect Shaw’s sister as if it’s a faux Terminator story, taking her off the grid to an island where they prepare an ambush against Elba and his men.

Here, we see where Roman Reigns’ character comes into play. The real life cousin of The Rock is one of the Samoans on the island, and helps the dynamic duo of heroes fashion some weapons to use against the interlopers.

Hobbs and Shaw - The Rock

But then it gets even more ridiculous.

The trailer basically spoils one of the biggest action sequences in the movie, which involves The Rock throwing a chain cable around the helicopter, which attempts to lift them off the ground. This leads to Reigns throwing a chain cable to attach to the vehicle carrying The Rock and Statham, keeping them grounded.

And then several other vehicles attach tow cables to one another, creating a train of trucks trying to weigh down the sexual flying beast that identifies as an attack Apache helicopter.

The concept of the stunt is completely outrageous, but this is the Fast & Furious franchise, so it’s expected that things would veer way off the reservation when it comes to reality-based physics and logical solutions to near-supernatural problems.

Anyway, it’s tough to tell if the empowered-strong woman angle will undermine the movie or if it will just be a popcorn and soda fest from start to finish? I would be lying if I said it didn’t look fun, because it does look pretty fun. You can expect to see the film hit theaters on August 2nd.


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