Illusion’s Koikatu: 3D Customizable Romance Simulator Banned From Steam


Had plans on booting up Steam and customizing your very own school girl waifu in Illusion’s Koikatu: 3D Customizable Romance Simulator – International Edition? Well, scratch those thoughts from your perverted mind. Lord Gaben and the minions of the Intersectional Inquisition don’t want you thinking such licentious thoughts. Valve fully embraced the dark side of becoming the “taste police” around these parts and they don’t want gamers wanking it to such engaging and enriching material – oops, I mean filthy material!

Yes, Koikatu: International Edition has been preemptively banned from appearing on Steam even before its store page went live, forcing it to join the ever-growing list of games on the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 banned list.

Illusion submitted the app for certification and approval back on February 1st, 2019, but on April 17th, 2019 Valve banned the app from being approved for release on Steam, according to the SteamDB entry.

It’s not hard to figure out why the game was denied entry on Steam and banned from release based on the criteria of games that software product manager Jason Ruymen has outlined in previous e-mails to developers. Koikatu is very much like a school rendition of Honey Select. You can see what the gameplay is like courtesy of Mr. Old Fortress.

The game allows you to customize the character(s) from head to toe. You can choose their eye type, eye color, hair type, hair color, uniform, bust size, hips, leg shape, waist, arms, and more. It’s a fully robust customization system that allows you to basically bring to life any kind of waifu you deem fit to… play with.

The game is played in two parts. There’s the interactive school parts, where you go around and talk to classmates, attempt to raise your affinity levels with them and participate in various visual novel-style activities in order to win over their affection, and then there’s the hardcore sex parts where you get to bang the chicks once your meter is high enough. It’s a little bit like a sexy version of Yandere Simulator.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the video below from Kumama.

There isn’t much data on the Steam version of the game since it was banned rather swiftly and there’s nothing available on Steam Kiwi either.

Apparently since Valve allowed Illusion to release the all-ages version of VR Kanojo on Steam, the Japanese company thought that they could try their luck with the international edition of Koikatu.

Little did they know that they basically lucked up with VR Kanojo, since Valve has been on a ban-spree lately and if that game had been submitted to Steam today – even as an all-ages version – it likely would have been banned.

Illusion was smart with VR Kanojo, though, as they billed it as a lighthearted VR dating sim but then offered the R18+ patch off-site. Even then, Valve tried banning the game at the end of February before realizing the err of their ways and reversed the decision.

It’s tough to tell but Illusion may have tried releasing the all-ages version of Koikatu on Steam and then later they likely would have attempted to release the more risque DLC down the line or offer them up as off-site expansions.

Koikatu - Bikini DLC

However, as noted in our previous coverage, Valve is highly averse to school settings in anime-style games and visual novels, even for the all-ages versions of said games. In fact, Valve has even gone so far as to ban all-ages versions of games set in college, which is what happened to My Girlfriend.

I guess Illusion figured they would give it a try, but there was no way that either version of the game, whether it was all-ages or R18+, was going to make it onto Steam in this current climate.

While the game may be banned from Steam, you can learn more about Koikatu by visiting the official Illusion website. Alternatively the game is still available for purchase from over on Amazon Japan.

(Thanks for the news tip StarKitsune)