‘Inappropriate’ Player-Created Levels Being Wiped From Smash Bros.

A Stage Builder finally arrived in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this past week and, within hours, Nintendo employees were working to scrub the collection clean of “more mature” creations.

The one thing you always risk when it comes to allowing user-created content is that some folks are going to use the opportunity to create content that looks like dongs, bewbs and the like. And shocking absolutely no one, that’s exactly what happened in Smash Bros this week.

When the game’s 3.0 update launched alongside the new Joker fighter, it included added features like a new video editor and, of course, the ability to create your own levels.

The new level creator tools actually take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen, which allows players to more easily draw whatever shapes they want. On top of that, you can now add environmental elements or even have parts of your creation pivot, swing or rotate.

Thanks to all of that freedom, people were apparently able to make some rather cheeky (sometimes literally) creations that showed everything from naked bodies to an extremely crude male figure with a pivoting erection.

Nintendo has been pretty quick to erase these types of stages, likely guided by a couple of key components. For starters, there’s a system in place for players to report anything they find to be inappropriate. Presumably that won’t be enough to automatically axe a level, as there’s no telling what someone is going to find offensive these days. But it looks like at least one person at Nintendo has now been tasked with checking out these reports and determining if a level is indeed a bit too problematic for this family-friendly game where dinosaurs fry plumbers to a crisp and princesses can throw children off of a cliff.

Another factor working against these types of creations is popularity. If a bunch of people up-vote your level, it’s going to get noticed more quickly. The same goes for if folks share images of it on social media.

If nothing else, the compilation videos from people who manage to play these levels before they get scrapped should make for an entertaining way to waste some time.