Iron Harvest, WW1 RTS-Mech Game Will Be Published By Deep Silver For PC, PS4, Xbox One
Iron Harvest

German developer King Art Games has recently partnered with Deep Silver. Their alternate history post-World War I real-time strategy diesel-punk mech game, Iron Harvest, is still heavy in development and gearing up for release across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But to help the developers make the transition across multiple platforms easier, Deep Silver announced that they’ve stepped in to help publish and market the game to a wider audience.

Developer King Art originally Kickstarted Iron Harvest back in spring of 2018, two years after the game was first announced way back in 2016. They’ve been steadily working on the title over the last three years, fleshing out the content, ironing out the mechanics, and polishing up the gameplay. You can see what the latest build looks like courtesy of YouTuber Greyshot Productions.

Deep Silver sees a prime opportunity to capitalize on the potential target demographic that would be attracted to an alternate history RTS title built around the same concepts that made Company of Heroes such an iconic franchise back in the day.

Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO Koch Media, mentioned in the press release…

“We are happy to welcome the German Studio KING Art as new partner. The team’s experience, their past titles e.g. „The Dwarves“ with their amazing feedback within the gaming community and the high quality of their work as a studio confirm the trust we have in this cooperation. […]”

It’s interesting that he brings up The Dwarves because it’s a good example of a game that launched without being subverted, converted, or converged by the SJW agenda. It’s an indicator that Deep Silver wanted to pull into its stable a developer who knows how to make good games for an audience that wants good games, not propaganda.

Iron Harvest - 4qyYrshop_badassunits

So far backers have been playing, testing, and providing feedback on Iron Harvest and they seem to enjoy the game so far. Hopefully with Deep Silver stepping in as a publisher, the game won’t end up becoming an Epic Games Store exclusive like what happened with Metro Exodus.

You can keep track of the development of Iron Harvest by visiting the official website.


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