Jaws Of Extinction Update Removes Nudity Because Devs Are Adding Teenage Females, Children
Jaws of Extinction

The urban zombie survival game, Jaws of Extinction, has removed the nudity and censorship options from the game. The reason? Because they have plans on adding more playable characters to the game, including teenage females and children, and they claim that it’s not appropriate to allow players to make nude characters that are underage.

The news initially came via a post made on April 5th, 2019 rolling through the changelog for the alpha version of Jaws of Extinction. The one thing that stood out to everyone was this line:

  • Removed nudity and censorship options.

Basically the nudity and censorship options allowed you to enable or disable the nudity and have it censored, not unlike Rust or Conan: Exiles.

However, the developers removed that in patch Why? Well, they addressed this in the forums after a number of gamers complained about it on the announcement page.

In a thread that’s now locked, the developers explained their reasoning behind removing the nudity options, writing…

“[…] 1. We are about to start adding the other three additional protagonists, two adult males and a teenage female. Myself and my team personally feel it would be wrong about having the ability to strip a teenage female character naked.


“2. We are also in talks of adding child characters and infected into the game.


“3. Nudity adds absolutly nothing to the game apart from being able to perve over the naked human form. We have no problem having nudity where it makes sense, like we recently added a female infected in torn/worn jogging outfit, that you can see some of the breast… this is artistic selection.


“4. Having full frontal nudity in a game or movie, I feel.. reduces the integrity of the IP, why have it if it, if it’s not needed.


“If the only reason you are purchasing our IP is to see nudity, that is NOT what Jaws of Extinction is about and if you feel that this is the only difference we (KYE Creations & JoE Dev Team) can bring to this genre/market, you obviously have no faith in what we are trying to accomplish.” […]

[Update 4/7/2019:] According to VenturousGamer, the teenage character they reference in the quote is Sophia, and she was advertised during the Kickstarter campaign, which you can view below, along with the WIP zombie model they were planning on including as well.

The condescending and self-aggrandizing post attempts to diminish the integrity of other works that have included full nudity in their content.

However, this pretentious response could easily be torn to pieces when you consider that movies like Schindler’s List and The City of Life and Death contained full nudity. Did the nudity diminish the “integrity of the IP” or the directors’ vision of the events that transpired in those films?

John Wick 2 had a brief full nude scene… did it diminish the integrity of the brand?

Eastern Promises had a full nude scene… did it diminish the integrity of the film?

Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption games have also had full nudity, did it diminish the quality of those games?

No wait, let me put it another way: even if you remove the nudity from Jaws of Extinction will anyone in their right mind even feel as if this cash-in survival game is remotely on-par to any of the properties I mentioned above? Short answer is: No.

If you can garner attention and retention for features that lure people to your product, even if it’s just people who want to make a naked character and run around in the open world, then you take it and embrace it. If your goal is to diminish your player reach by removing features that people liked, then all you’re going to do is kill your product before it even establishes itself. That’s exactly what happened to Nexon and Hyper Universe, where they decided to censor the fan-service to attract a phantom audience, and all what happened is that the localization team got woke and Hyper Universe went broke.

Now for those of you who may argue that removing nudity keeps the devs from running into problems with adding underage characters, there’s a simple way around that: only allow adult characters to be nude. Problem solved.

Anyway, KYE Creations obviously doesn’t want certain kinds of gamers playing their game, as admitted to in their post. And they absolutely have that right. So if you were hoping to play Jaws of Extinction and run around butt naked, you can’t.

The game is set to launch soon in Early Access on Steam. Right now the alpha is available through pre-ordering the game over on the official website.

(Thanks for the news tip IhateN.Cen)


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