Jesus Strikes Back Update Adds New Zealand Mission While Journalists Continue To Call For Bans
Jesus Strikes Back

2 Genderz Productions announced that Jesus Strikes Back has recently been updated with a brand new mission based in the most backwards place on the planet right now, New Zealand. The update also adds two new playable characters to the game, Brent T and the Moonman.

The changelog for the update was posted over on the Jesus Strikes Back forums, where it was revealed that the team is reading the feedback and fixing the game and squashing the bugs like a military boot splattering a cockroach in a mosque.

One of the bugs that really hampered the gameplay for me was the mouse speed being too high. However, according to the developers this was due to a frame-rate issue that they managed to fix, so the mouse speed should be normal for those of you who had problems with it.

They also demonstrated the latest New Zealand mission featuring the new playable character Brent T. You can check it out below, where Brent is one of the lone survivors who must free New Zealand from a murderous gang of ISIS rapists who have overtaken the land down under the Earth’s anus.

Of course, journalists are incensed about this game.

They’ve gone on irascible tirades about white men, straight males, and the masculinity that keeps them safe from thugs, criminals, and illegal immigrants at night. The freedom-hating press have been slamming the game since its initial announcement, with The New Daily writing…

“RMIT University media and communications senior lecturer Glen Donnar said the game reflected a sentiment shared by some marginalised white men who feel like they are losing their power to women and minority groups.


“There is a perception that white men are under siege, that they are being replaced or substituted,” Mr Donnar said.


“Rather than focusing on the root cause of legitimate grievances, such as less security in the workplace or less social mobility, they’re picking easy targets and those easy targets are either minorities or women.”

They weren’t the only ones, though. Life News also took shots at the game, writing…

“A sick new video game allows players to shoot people at abortion clinics while playing characters such as President Donald Trump and even Jesus Christ.


The game, “Jesus Strikes Back Alpha,” was launched earlier this year as a “satirical parody,” according to the creators. […]


“[…] Many people believe the game crosses a line. There even is a petition to have the game banned. Real violence happens so frequently in our culture. We do not need a simulation, especially in this increasingly hostile political climate.”

Jesus Strikes Back - screennew7-1024x449

The petition they’re referencing is the one started by a Kez Barber, which started on shortly after Jesus Strikes Back was announced, where the game was revealed to be a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter, seeing Jesus Christ coming back to Earth to cleanse it of Feminazis, Social Justice Warriors, and the ultimate threat to human civilization… the RFNBGFPHB, also known as the radical feminist non-binary gender fluid pansexual humanoid berserker.

The petition, however, has only garnered 3,481 signatures over the last three months.

Even still, the near stillborn reception to the petition hasn’t stopped journalists from spilling their proverbial spaghetti all over their blogs to denounce the game. Todd Neikirk from Hill Reporter also took shots at the game, writing…

“There’s a new game available for purchase that is blurring the line between incitement and satire. Jesus Strikes Back Alpha, allows users to gun down characters who identify as LGTBQ, minorities and feminists.


“The gunman shooting the “snowflakes” are meant to be heroes of the alt-right movement. Playable characters include Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. The final bosses who need to be killed at the end of each stage include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. The locations where the shootings take place include Planned Parenthood, the US/Mexico Border and an LGTBQ nightclub.” […]

“[…] Those offended by the game are fighting back. There is currently a petition on requesting that the game be banned.”

The calls for bans have not gone unheeded.

PayPal, Stripe, and SendOwl are just a few of the many payment processors that have banned the game and the developers from making use of their services. 2 Genderz Productions was also kicked off the Israeli hosting service, for which they had to scramble to find a new host for the game’s website.

If you want to help fund development or play-test the latest alpha build of the game you can do so by visiting the official Jesus Strikes Back website.


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