#KickVic’s MarzGurl Starts Campaign To Deplatform YellowFlash From YouTube, Twitter

Kaylyn “MarzGurl” Saucedo has allegedly been talking with lawyers and discussing ways to get YouTuber YellowFlash deplatformed. In a Facebook post that was snapped by one of her followers and shared with various internet pundits and anti-SJWs, it revealed that MarzGurl is intent on trying to remove YellowFlash from the internet for being critical of her and the #KickVic group who has been assiduous in trying to remove anime voice actor Vic Mignogna from the entertainment industry.

The post from MarzGurl – who was one of the people who helped get the #KickVic campaign underway – discussed what options she wanted to pursue regarding getting YellowFlash deplatformed.

You can read the full image over on Imgur.

It starts with MarzGurl writing…

“Spoke to a lawyer today. Still weighing options and taking help and opinions. Here’s what I know so far, please feel free to chime in and offer your own knowledge:


“They do think I have legal options, but the first option was to force the police and the FBI to actually pay attention and understand. At this point, both have just blown me off, which they figured was likely to happen, so they have to start drawing up information legally to force them to care and pay attention.


“As another friend of mine suggested, they also suggested that we start speaking to local congress persons and see if we can’t make them care about how dangerous this has become. They seemed fairly optimistic on those fronts, and believed that going to the courts could work, but only after exhausting a lot of other options.


“They would like to be able to basically just tell YellowFlash to cut it out (I’m sure that means sending a Cease and Desist), but the problem is we don’t know who YellowFlash really is or where he lives. If I could get any help at all from anybody who might know how to figure out who he is, that’s gonna be a huge help. Because if they have to turn to legal means to do it, it’ll take longer, and it’ll be more costly in the meantime. If there is ANYBODY who can help me identify and locate YellowFlash, that would help out immensely. His Twitter account says his location is “616”, and my current hypothesis is that this is his area code, meaning he lives somewhere around Grand Rapids, Michigan. But I don’t truly have anything else to base this information on.”

Despite having to deal with people who keep getting his account suspended on Twitter, Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta still took time out of his busy day to talk about this particular Facebook post from MarzGurl.

Rekieta wasn’t entirely convinced that MarzGurl was actually speaking with lawyers. He also breaks down each segment of her post and some of the inaccuracies contained therein.

As Rekieta points out, so long as nothing defamatory that causes damage to her or her career is being done, there isn’t much of a case.

In fact, MarzGurl admits that at the moment she doesn’t have any proof that YellowFlash has said or done anything defamatory regarding her as an individual. Later in the Facebook post she writes…

“Of course, I need to be gathering proof that he is saying harmful, defamatory things about me that are untrue, as well as monetizing my image (the latter of which seems to be the most solid thing they could get him on). I will be linking to YellowFlash’s social media profiles and asking you guys for help in monitoring times where he’s talking about me or spreading untruths. I will be downloading his videos as best as I can. He is starting his ‘Let’s Monetize MarzGurl’ stream tonight, so I will link to that when I get the chance. If it’s anything like other women he has monetized on his channel out of hate, he is going to delete the stream when he is done because he knows that this is breaking YouTube’s Terms of Service, so I’m going to do my best to record it to my hard drive live as it is happening.


“Speaking of YouTube, they’re going to see if they can reach out to YouTube and Twitter respectfully about deplatforming these threatening and false statements, although they know that both platforms have loopholes that mean that YouTube and Twitter are not directly to be held accountable for what the user posts. But they’ll see what they can do.


“One thing they said that shocked me was that they suggested that I combat his information with information of my own. With as many people have suggested that I just give them no ammo, they suggested that if I thought I had a big enough public support group, that I make an unceasing and tirelessly strong and concentrated effort to combat their lies with my truths. But this would basically take raising an army, and I don’t believe that I am a big enough figure that has an army of people willing to publicly stand up with me and fight at my side. If I did, maybe I would have gone this route long ago, but I don’t.”

If you think that the post is a fake or that it’s not representative of MarzGurl’s intentions, ThatUmbrellaGuy actually captured some tweets from MarzGurl that showed her following through with what she had mentioned in the Facebook post.

The tweets in the images are still live from when they were posted on April 24th, 2019. The one tweet stating that they would report his YouTube channel for having any mention of MarzGurl in it can still be viewed. The person also stated that they would be reporting his Twitch channel, too. Even MarzGurl’s tweets are still available for viewing in the tweet chain, where she instructs people on how to report YellowFlash’s channel.

A few people in the Twitter threads attempted to warn them that attempting to organize false copyright takedowns of YouTube content was unlawful. However, the #KickVic group retorted that YellowFlash was responsible for “abuse” so there was no crime being committed.

Their justification of what’s essentially an organized harassment campaign against YellowFlash seems to align with what MarzGurl was requesting in her Facebook post.

Tucked away near the bottom of that very same Facebook post is also a request for funds to pay for a lawyer. Marzgurl writes…

“And finally, obviously money is an issue. They are going to draft some things up for me to look over and sign later, so I haven’t committed any of this to ink yet. But, yeah, it’d be expensive. I know some people said way back at the beginning of this that, should I ever need to take this to the courts, they would financially have my back. I am sick of being a begger [sic]. But if anyone is serious about this, I strongly believe that these are some of the right step to begin deplatforming some dangerous people, and the lawyers sounded very confident that with a little bit of work we could get started on making this happen. And if we work hard enough on our own, that means we pay them less for the work that they don’t have to do themselves. Once they send me some paperwork, I can give some estimates. HOWEVER, if there is ANYBODY who knows any other lawyers who might do this cheaper or even pro bono, I am MORE than happy to take that route instead. These lawyers have given me a good idea of the first steps to take in the right direction, and I am happy to have received their insight, even if I don’t end up working with them.


“Please feel free to share your thoguhts. Also, PLEASE help me figure out who YellowFlash is and where he is so that he can be served! The more work we can do on our own, the better.


“Thank you all for listening to me as I go through all of this. I am going to be leaving some links to keep an eye on in the comments.”

This has garnered MarzGurl even more ire than usual, mainly because it’s a fairly conspicuous and unconcealed attempt to get YellowFlash deplatformed from the internet all because he makes videos covering the Vic Mignogna situation, airing out the facts, and criticizing people like MarzGurl for stirring up drama. And for those of you who don’t know, MarzGurl was responsible for getting the #KickVic hashtag mobilized.

YouTuber ThatUmbrellaGuy actually goes through some of MarzGurl’s antics surrounding YellowFlash and her attempts to dox him.

This whole situation basically keeps escalating as the #KickVic crowd refuses to relent, even while Vic Mignogna has filed a lawsuit against the people who spread defamation against him and got him fired from his jobs.

However, it looks like since Vic is fighting back, the #KickVic crowd is now looking to silence those who championed for truth and facts above all else, and that means deplatforming some of the YouTubers exposing the lies, the falsehoods, and the fabrications that have been peddled by certain groups.

(Thanks for the news tip YellowFlash, Mugen Tenshin, and Animatic)


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