Love3 Pre-Orders Go Live With Free Demo Over On Fakku!

Fakku recently announced that a free demo is currently available for Neko Works’ Love3 (or Love Cubed) to download for those who have a registered account with the digital distribution service. Additionally, pre-orders have gone live ahead of the game’s summer release.

You can download the free demo from over on the Fakku! page for Love3.

Once you get your account setup you can nab the demo and test the game out for yourself to see if it’s the sort of visual novel that suits your discerning tastes in large-mammary mammals.

Love3 - Swimming Pool Fun

If you enjoy what you play from the demo, you can actually pre-order the game ahead of its July release. Now, keep in mind that pre-order culture is not something that we really like to encourage around these parts, but if you do want to support alternative storefronts and indie developers, you can do so by visiting the Fakku! pre-order page for Love3.

The game is currently available for pre-order for $20. So it’s not that steep.


Love3 features lots of high-quality artwork from renown Japanese hentai artist Ichi Kei. The story follows a down and out on his luck hentai artist, Ichinari Tsuzurigi, who ends up getting one last shot in the adult comics book industry when his editor offers him an opportunity to work as an assistant to one of Ichinari’s childhood friends.

The stars align as Ichinari ends up living with three busty girls, two of whom he knows form when he was younger, and all three of them have a highly insatiable lust that only Ichinari can fulfill. The foursome end up working on adult mangas while living out their wildest dreams living together.

The whole premise is pretty ridiculous but it certainly fits the romantic comedy theme that most R18+ visual novels are known for.

Now the most obvious question many H-novel fans have is whether or not the game is fully uncensored. And I’m sorry to break the news to you but there are mosaics.

Whether or not that’s a deal breaker for you depends on how far you’re willing to work through those digitized blocks to enjoy the pristine display of shapely, incarnadine buttocks and round-mounds of milky pillows to keep your lower extremities… enticed.

Again, the demo is free to download if you register an account with Fakku! Alternatively you can wait for July 25th to purchase a copy of Love3 when it launches on the adult digital distribution service.

(Thanks for the news tip Chaotic Thinker)


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