Luc Besson’s Anna Trailer Attempts To Turn John Wick Into A Female Supermodel Super Agent

Anna (2019)

French writer and director Luc Besson is known in the film-making circles as somewhat of a feminist auteur, which is kind of funny given that he was also caught up in the #MeToo nonsense not too long ago, as reported by the New York Times. Nevertheless, despite being thrown under the bus by the people he’s been trying to appeal his content to and endlessly appease with his pro-feminist works, he’s actually still trying to earn their trust and adoration with his upcoming film, Anna.

And no, this is not a follow-up or spin-off from Besson’s 2014 flick, Lucy. Well, not as far as the plot is concerned.

In Anna a young supermodel is used as an espionage asset and hitwoman. Yes, a frail 49kg woman is a violent killing machine, much like Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. In fact, the entire comment section for the trailer that was posted up by Movieclips Trailers are obsessed with the comparisons to John Wick. It’s not hard to see why when you scope out the trailer below.

So the gist of the plot seems very similar to Atomic Blonde, only the police here can’t quite pin the blame on Anna, so she manages to get away.

The film seems to follow Anna’s exploits as an agent for a mysterious organization. She ends up falling in love, getting in trouble, and having to fight her way out of it.

It reminds me a lot of a pseudo-sequel to Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita, as if further on down the line she used the modeling agency as cover and started up work again for another organization.

Anna - Super Model Super Hero

The meat of the trailer is Anna effortlessly dispatching a room full of armed, trained bodyguards while chaos unfolds around her and people scramble out of the restaurant.

The action sequences are typical Besson, with stylized cuts interspersed with some serviceable martial arts. You can tell they wanted to attempt to match the intensity and pace of John Wick, but it’s still no where near as visceral or realized as Keanu Reeves’ action trilogy.

Of course, if you’re into movies where 49kg women are kicking the butts of 200lbs men, then you can look for Anna to drop into theaters on June 21st this year. Alternatively, if you’re really looking for a balls-to-the-walls action flick, definitely check out Scott Adkins in Avengement. Now that’s a film for the ages with what looks like a ton of awesome fight scenes and grit galore.