Microsoft Excludes Notch From Minecraft 10th Anniversary Due To His Anti-SJW Comments
Notch Excluded

You can always tell the integrity of one’s character based on how they respond to a man’s individual choices. In this case, we learn that Microsoft was none too pleased with Markus “Notch” Persson’s anti-SJW Twitter comments, so much so that the creator of Minecraft was not invited to the 10th anniversary celebration of the product he created.

The news comes courtesy of Variety, who was told by a Microsoft spokesperson that Notch wasn’t invited due to his “comments and opinions”, which obviously didn’t align with the SJW agenda that Microsoft and Mojang currently maintain at their offices. The spokesperson said…

“His comments and opinions do not reflect those of Microsoft or Mojang and are not representative of ‘Minecraft,”

The “comments and opinions” that they’re referring to relate to when Notch noted that transgenderism was a mental illness, and that trans people should seek help instead of being encouraged by friends and family to indulge in their mental illness. Notch also said that third-wave feminist rhetoric was sexist against men. And – probably the one thing that garnered him a lot of hate from SJWs – Notch openly reproached the media’s agenda against white men.

As pointed out in the article, Notch hasn’t had any involvement with Minecraft since he sold it to Microsoft back in 2014 for $2.5 billion. Nonetheless, it’s typically a common courtesy to invite the original creator of a product to an anniversary celebration, since without the creator there would be no anniversary celebration since there would be no product. Microsoft trying to erase a key aspect of Minecraft’s history is a poor look on the company.

Nevertheless, this shows that the Social Justice Warrior agenda at the company is more important than history.

Microsoft’s deep dive into the Regressive Left’s oscillating chamber of lunacy is no where near as sedulous as Sony. However, the signs have been creeping up and becoming ever more present over the last two years for sure.

  • Back in June of 2018 Microsoft acceded Gears of War 5 to Facebook’s social engineering program called “Women In Gaming”, which was a pretty obvious sign things were going downhill.
  • That same week, following the Gears 5 situation, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer castigating himself during E3 for being a “privileged white guy”.
  • At the end of June in 2018 Microsoft introduced the American Girl Xbox accessories, in an attempt to get little girls to accessories their dolls with gamer-girl gear, and to subvert the trope that hardcore gaming was mostly a male activity.
  • In July of 2018 Microsoft started a $4 million venture fund for diversity, which would grant funding to women-only led start-ups in the tech field to help balance out the gender ratio in the tech industry.
  • The company also rolled out their new Xbox Live avatars that were all designed around non-binary transgenderism and “diversity”, which obviously didn’t reflect the majority of users who are heterosexual white males. Gamers posted up videos highlighting how they had trouble recreating themselves or their old avatars due to the limited number of options for straight white males. That’s not to mention that the avatars all came out looking very creepy.
  • During this past year’s Game Developer’s Conference, Microsoft caught ire from both SJWs and anti-SJWs for their Blacks at Xbox campaign, which was nothing short of the corporation parading around their token minorities like well groomed pets at the National Dog Show.
  • Microsoft also recently suspended a user for having “Jesus Is Lord” as a gamertag after prohibiting them from using the gamertag “IWillRedPillU” as their gamertag, thus preventing people from using any kind of language associated with being opposed to the SJW orthodoxy.

Separate from Microsoft’s antics, Mojang rolled out an update that actually removed Notch’s name from the splash screens in Minecraft. Indicating that the company seems to hold some deep disdain for the creator of the game.

These patterns of being co-opted by the Social Justice Warrior agenda have been escalating. While some Xbox fans have been denying that Microsoft was converged, it’s pretty obvious that when they’re unwilling to invite the creator of Minecraft to the 10th anniversary event all because he expressed anti-SJW views that go against the corrupt media’s biases and degenerate sociopolitical views that they don’t value diversity of opinion or thought. Anyone who steps out of line appears to get hit with the unpersoning-hammer.

Anyway, the 10th anniversary celebration for Minecraft is set to get underway on May 17th, 2019 at the Mojang studio in Stockholm, Sweden. They will be covering the game’s past, present, and the future of the franchise at the event.

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