Moero Chronicle Hyper Launches On Nintendo Switch With Its Monster Girl Waifus For $19.99
Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch

Idea Factory International and Compile Heart announced that Moero Chronicle Hyper is currently available right now for download from the Nintendo eShop for just $19.99. During the first week of being on sale (much like Steam) you can get the game for the discounted price of just $13.99.

Unfortunately for EU gamers they won’t be able to make use of the 30% discount just yet. Idea Factory International announced on Twitter that due to an error the discount won’t be applied for the EU region until a week or two from now.

The game is a dungeon-crawling RPG, where you team up with some beautiful waifus and battle against enemies while also attempting to capture and make “pure” the monster girls you come across by finding their “sweet spot”. We all know that due to Sony’s censorship policies this game would never see the light of day on a PS4 in the current climate.

As you battle the girls and destroy their clothes, there’s a mini-game where you can purify the waifus and make them good girls again. You can check out the features in the gameplay launch trailer below.

But there’s more to Moero Chronicle Hyper than just dungeon crawling and battling monster girls. There’s also a romance mechanic in the game, where once you get out of the dungeons you can woo the girls over by giving them gifts. You can also modify the lodges where you stay by upgrading them.

Performing these actions will raise your affinity with your waifu and then eventually you’ll be rewarded with some buffs and bonuses. Some of these bonuses are passive and happen even when the character isn’t on your team.

You can see what some of the raw gameplay is like to get an idea of how the battle system works, how the monster girl disrobing mechanic functions, and get a basic understanding of the core values in this Nintendo Switch exclusive. The video below was uploaded by ContraNetwork.

In total there are 50 monster girls to encounter and recruit, multiple Moe Traits to unlock and level up, as well as plenty of interactive “purification” to engage in so you can keep your monster girls feeling fresh, all while you make those degenerate SJWs that populate 4chan and Reddit angry and seething because you like cute chicks that actually look like females.

Anyway, you can pick up a digital copy of Moero Chronicle Hyper for the Nintendo Switch right now by heading on over to the Nintendo eShop.

(Thanks for the news tip Chris Ceee)


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