Monster Mashing Deluxe, Sexy Monster Girl Endless Runner Banned From Steam
Monster Mashing Banned

Scarecrow Arts and Demins’ Monster Mashing Deluxe may have found its way onto the Nutaku store back in February with little or no problems, but the developer didn’t have such luck with getting the game on Steam. The game was promptly deleted as part of a cleaning house spree that Valve went on recently, where various games were axed from the digital distribution platform.

Monster Mashing Deluxe was originally submitted to the Steam database back in late December of 2018, and the store was approved to go live in March after the game had launched on Nutaku. By March 11th, 2019 they had added all of the basic tags and information, but for whatever reason on April 17th, 2019 Valve banned the game from the Steam store, as indicated by the SteamDB entry.

Thankfully there was still a cache of the game’s store page, so it’s possible to see the images and trailer from the store page. According to the archive, the trailer they used was a censored version made specifically for Steam.

None of the store images contained nudity or explicit content, and there was no tag for the Adults Only label. According to the mature content descriptor on the store page, it sounds like it was not the R18+ version of the game, as it reads…

“There is limited nudity in the lewd artwork.”

So it seemed more like the all ages version of the game with ecchi content. It’s tough to tell, however, if the game was more or less lewd than the version that launched back in February on Nutaku.

Monster Mashing Deluxe - ss_041a090246f8268fb95d4abc97a0bacb001dc24c.1920x1080

The endless runner obviously didn’t meet some sort of criteria set by Valve and it ended up getting the axe. According to the Steam Kiwi entry there were no further updates or information made available for the game, so it doesn’t look like the developer tried to update the game since March 22nd, 2019. So for some reason Valve decided to ban the game nearly a month after the last update.

Since all of the characters in the game are monster girls it’s impossible to tell what exactly triggered Valve into banning the game. Unfortunately the Steam community hub was also removed, but an old cache was available. Sadly it doesn’t reveal much else about the game.

It appears that even some non-R18+ games are getting hit with the ban hammer even if they feature monster girls. This is yet another game that makes the entry on the ever-growing Waifu Holocaust banned list.

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