Mordhau Devs Promise To Add Female Characters To Realistic Medieval Game Post-Release

Triternion’s upcoming medieval Battle Royale game, Mordhau, is supposed to be a different take on the genre. It’s about creating a more realistic combat atmosphere that takes some of the concepts from games like War of the Roses and slaps it into a frantic, no-holds-barred, siege-based rampage. Well, there have been discussions and debates in the community about the game’s inclusion of female fighters in the game, but the developers put the discussions to bed by confirming that they would be adding playable female characters to the game.

In the Steam forums gamers have been juggling around the pros and cons of adding playable females to the game. Well, one of the developers finally chimed in to inform onlookers and potential fans that the game will have playable female characters eventually. In a thread made on April 20th, 2019, one of the developers from Triternion hopped in to address a question about whether or not the developers had plans on adding playable female characters. The developer responded by saying…

“Female characters are a promised feature and will be added at some point post release (no one knows exactly when though).


“To the other guys: Please don’t discuss whether female characters should be added or not, as it’s irrelevant to this thread.”

The rest of the thread proceeds to discuss whether female characters should be added or not to Mordhau.

The “for” comments center around adding certain female classes based on people such as Caterina Sforza or Joan of Arc could work. Others noted that adding females would add a fantasy element to the game and take it out of the realm of feeling realistic, much like how Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V had a lot of fantasy elements that diminished the suspension of disbelief.

If you check out the trailer for Mordhau below you can see what they’re going for with the game and decide for yourself if female soldiers on the frontlines makes sense.

Game journalists tried pressuring Warhorse Studios into adding more minorities and female soldiers to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but Warhorse stuck to their guns and attempted to retain as much realism in the presentation and combat as possible.

Some people fear this is Triternion kowtowing early to the demands of outrage culture. Others would be okay with the addition of female fighters so long as they have the option of turning them on or off for their custom servers. The female characters won’t be appearing until well after the game launches on April 29th so it will be a while before you see them in action.

For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.

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