Mortal Kombat 11 Fan Calculates That It Will Cost You $6,440 To Buy Every Skin Without Grinding

[Update: 4/25/2019] According to executive producer Ed Boon, he claims that it won’t cost you $6,440 to unlock everything in the game, and that the story isn’t true. However, he fails to correct the information. He doesn’t actually reveal how much it will cost you to unlock all of the cosmetics in Mortal Kombat 11.Ā So the total could still end up being more or less than $6,440.

[Original article:] Whether or not you own Mortal Kombat 11, there is news circulating around the web that it will cost folks $6,440 to buy every skin without partaking in the game’s grind-fest. This information comes from a fan that calculated said items, which means fatalities, brutalities, gear or single-use consumables aren’t included.

According to Reddit user AccomplishedPoet8, it will take him 3,390 hours to unlock every skin in Mortal Kombat 11 and will run him $6,440. But let’s take a closer look as to why and how he came to this conclusion.

If you recall correctly, we reported on the now released fighting game’s coin and gear system, but AccomplishedPoet8 hunkered down to offer an even closer look into the grind and pay-fest that is Mortal Kombat 11:

“PSA to anyone buying MK11: the harder towers are literally impossible without rare or better gear and single use consumables, earning these are incredibly grindy and the whole system is designed to get you to spend money on the game.


I see a lot of threads saying that earning currency is “grindy”, but I think this is a huge understatement. Just consider these points:


  • Completing the entire story will barely give you enough currency to clear one room in krypt. From this, I got 1 brutality, some common skins and few consumables. You can’t so much as clear a single hard tower with all the stuff I got.
  • Clearing some of the latter towers without at least rare gear and a large number of single use consumables is near impossible. These towers are not just a pure test of fighting skills, they also feature: unblockable blood missiles which drain you life and gives it to the enemy, acid rain, enemy getting armour on low health and some absolutely ridiculous damage modifiers.
  • Earning said consumables and rare gear is extremely grindy, requiring you to complete event specific and daily towers, as well as clearing multiple easier towers. The krypt chests get progressively more expensive and the drop rate for rare or better items is very low. For context, I opened a total of 23 chests in the krypt and got only 2 rare gear across different characters.”

The post published by the Reddit user has garnered 9.3k upvotes, two silver medals, and two gold medals on r/Games and 17.2k upvotes, three silver medals, and two gold medals on r/PS4.

The same Reddit user published a follow-up post on the brewing situation and elaborated the following information:

“Let’s assume you just want to finish the campaign, do every character tutorial and complete the basic towers. You do not want to do any grinding outside of this, but you want to unlock every skin in the game:


  • On average, one skin costs 500 Time Krystals, which costs $5 in the store. You can of course earn these, but they accumulate very slowly
  • Skins appear in the store on a rotational basis, where a set of five skins are made available for a limited period of time (usually 6 to 8 hours), then they are gone and you have to grind the towers to earn them. This adds to the urgency to quickly spend money on that skin you always wanted. For our calculations to be valid, we will assume you never see a duplicate skin in the store and you check the store every 6 hours or so.
  • There are 23 characters in the game, each of which has 60 skins. But playing through the story, character tutorial and basic towers will usually unlock 4 of these, so we have 56 skins to unlock
  1. So based on these, we get: 23 * 56 * 5 = $6440
  2. Note that these calculations include the patch which the devs promised would solve the progression issues
  • This figure does not include: fatalities, brutalities, gear or single use consumables because I have not figured out the exact drop rate for these.”

The Reddit user also points out that his calculations include the patch that Warner Bros. and NeatherRealm have seeded out into the wild to address the money problem, which the non-achievable $6,440 is a base number that will only increase when more characters drop, meaning that if you want everything you are going to need to grind hard or cough up four digits worth of money.

The post continues to answer the question of grinding and the downside of said action:

“Why not just grind for the skins?


I got around 760 Time Krystals after 4 hours of play. At this rate, it will take me 3390 hours to unlock every skin. Sure, I could complete specific towers of time to get there faster. But like I explained in my previous post, these are near impossible to complete without rare or better gear and single use consumables, which themselves require more grinding.


Why the outrage over this? Previous MK games allowed you to pay for skins too…


In MKX, you could unlock all: skins, fatalities, brutalities and DLC characters for just $40. Yet in this game, you need $6440 just to unlock all the skins.”

According to the Reddit user, Mortal Kombat X lets you unlock all skins, fatalities, brutalities and DLC characters for $39.99. Although I wouldn’t pay that much for the aforesaid things, Mortal Kombat 11 has you dishing out over $6,440 to unlock all the skins ā€” sans fatalities, brutalities, gear or single-use consumables.

There you have it. Not only will this game cost you 1,000 bucks or hours to unlock a portion of the content, but the game is also a $60 title sporting SJW and mobile-game practices across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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