Nick Fuentes Gets Banned From Twitch Following Debate On TrainwrecksTV
Nick Fuentes Banned

Latino Conservative Nick J. Fuentes was banned from following his debate with several other political pundits, which included Destiny and Sargon of Akkad. The ban was noticed by Kotaku in Action, who had been following the debate and the reactions from Left-wing activists who wanted to deplatform Sargon and Fuentes.

Shortly after the debate ended, on April 5th, 2019… Nick Fuentes was banned from

If you attempt to visit his Twitch page it turns up empty.

Fuentes acknowledged the ban after stating that he had won the debate.

Twitch made no announcements about it, but it came after a flurry of protests and reports following the airing of the near four hour livestream debate on TrainwrecksTV, which you can view below, courtesy of noebo.

The de-platforming was advocated for by Nathan Grayson, a Kotaku blogger, as captured by Kotaku In Action on April 4th, 2019.

Across a thread of tweets, Grayson stated…

“[T]here’s a debate on twitch right now featuring two big-time alt-righters, sargon and nick fuentes, that’s got nearly 30,000 viewers. so that’s… not great


“As you’d expect, sargon and nick keep tossing out verifiable nonsense that you can easily disprove outside the arena of debate, but that ends up looking just as valid as much more reasonable points made by destiny and hasan in this format.


“This is why you don’t give platforms to people like this. even when they’re spouting idiot bullshit, they end up looking legit by proxy.


“Love replies from people who are like “actually sargon calls himself a classical liberal and nick is [some other label designed to deflect criticism].” when you make a career out of pandering to the far right/serving as a radicalization proxy, I don’t care what you call yourself. Actions and the demonstrable impacts of those actions matter far more at that point (and most points, really)”

The next day Fuentes was banned.

He had to go on damage control to fix some of the calumny being spread by Left-wing agitators, pointing out that he’s a Conservative not a National Socialist, and he also pointed out that he’s not even white.

This was also part of a longer series of criticism from Fuentes on the Left and their penchant to deplatform people by misrepresenting them and forcing people to either comply with the new Liberal Overton Window or risk being castigated, ostracized, banned, or censored.

Across a series of tweets, Fuentes stated…

“Last night’s debate demonstrated very clearly what we already knew, that the Left will not tolerate any degree of dissent on any issue by anybody. Any deviation from the range of approved opinions, and you will get dehumanized and then destroyed.


“The Watson example illustrates this point very clearly. There is no permissible way to disagree with the status quo. Even one of the greatest scientists of all time cannot express an apolitical, scientific opinion. They say he was “irresponsible.” What does responsible look like?


“Even in the debate yesterday, who was supposed to represent the Right? An English Liberal and a transgender person. Even that ticket was too extreme for some of the left wing observers calling Sargon “Alt Right.” Bring on an authentic conservative & they treat me as subhuman. At the end Trainswrecks is saying how his guests are good people, & bonehead & the little guy start snickering. I’m not a good person because I think 60 million immigrants is a little much? Tell me about your relationship with your wife & child, or how you supported ethical CP


“A lot of moral grandstanding about my political beliefs from a couple of nihilistic hedonists who don’t even believe in God. Nothing matters, they say, anything goes! Unless of course you believe IQ is determined by genetics, then you’re contemptible, evil, “subhuman” he says. And by the way try to enunciate the “s” in “subhuman” without doing that weird thing with your jaw.”

This sort of deplatforming has been common among the Left when any of their points are challenged in an open debate. Twitch is specifically Left-leaning. They opened a diversity and inclusion department. They will ban people who say things they determine to be “hateful”, even if it’s said or done off-site, and they also banned Deadmau5 for using the word “faggot” to denigrate another person on the platform.

This is basically just another demonstration of the Left controlling nearly all the major forms of internet communication and anyone who steps out of line, shares views that they don’t agree with, or expresses opinions that undermines the Liberal hegemony, they may be censored or deplatformed.


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