Noble And Knightess, Glory Of The Self-Styled Diehard Girl Banned From Steam Along With LilyGame
Noble and Knightess

Publisher LilyGame, and the two games that they helped publish, Noble & Knightess – Episode 1 and Glory of the Self-Styled Diehard Girl, have been banned from Steam.

These games were developed by Pin-Point and published by LilyGame, and both courted fairly negative review scores. The reasons for the ban wasn’t disclosed publicly, but what’s interesting is that one of the games came out back during April of 2018 while the other game released in October of 2018. Despite the titles being available on Steam for quite some time, they were still banned.

LilyGame and both visual novel titles were hit with the ban hammer on April 6th, 2019.

According to the SteamDB entry for Noble & Knightess – Episode 1, despite being rated Adults Only and the developers being upfront about it, the game was still banned from Steam after it had launched back on October 12th, 2018.

The game had a variety of negative reviews, according to an archive of the Store page. The reason for the negative reviews was that a large portion of the game’s R18+ content was censored out of the Adults Only version on Steam. So even though it was marked behind the Adults Only filter, it still didn’t feature everything that was in the original, uncensored version of Noble & Knightess – Episode 1.

Of course, none of this explains why the game was banned, or why LilyGame, for that matter, was completely axed from Steam. The same thing applies to Glory of the Self-Styled Diehard Girl. The actual name of the game is supposed to be Glory of the Self-Styled Diehard Bitch, but apparently they wanted something a little more… storefront friendly.

As noted above, the game was banned on April 6th, 2019 according to the SteamDB entry. Some of the changes show some weird configurations in the backend. For instance the game had the Adults Only filter added on April 5th, 2019, even though the game had been out on Steam for an entire year without an Adults Only tag (considering that the tags didn’t become available until the filters were put into place back in September of 2018). The game was, however, rated by the ESRB as Adults Only, according to an archive of the Steam store page.

Despite its lewd nature the game was actually the censored version of the visual novel that was released on Steam, but there was an off-site patch that present.

Now the only interesting thing about this is that both the Steam community hubs are still available for perusal for both games. This means you can view screenshots, reviews, and the discussions in the forums for both titles. Unfortunately there is no discussion as to why LilyGame and both their titles have been banned.

You can visit Noble & Knightess – Episode 1‘s Steam community hub as well as Glory of the Self-Styled Diehard Girl‘s Steam Community hub, and continue to engage in conversation and screenshot postings if you had purchased the games before they were pulled from the Steam store.

Of course, this still doesn’t explain why Valve banned LilyGame from Steam. The studios they banned from Steam were both Chinese, and Jason Ruymen, Valve’s software product manager, claimed that the studios engaged in review manipulation. One of the studios, R’lyeh Game, retorted that they had not engaged in review manipulation and countered with some facts attempting to clear their name. They also asked for proof of their manipulation, but Ruymen refused to publicly disclose the evidence. This led R’lyeh Game to accuse Valve of discriminating against certain developers.

At this point we have no idea what’s really going on, but it seems like there’s some kind of behind-the-scenes office war taking place within Valve where some games are getting approved, some games are allowed to be resubmitted, and other games are being outright banned along with their publishers.

Regardless of what’s happening, two more games have now joined the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 banned games list.

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