Nutaku Android Store Goes Live With 30 Erotic Games And 30 More Games In The Pipeline
Nutaku Android App

Nutaku announced that the Android Store is currently live. While the Nutaku app is too spicy for the Google Play and iTunes App Stores, the adult-themed gaming distribution outlet decided to service Android users with their own mobile store.

According to the press release the Android Store was opened up to cater Nutaku’s ever-growing mobile user base. According to Julie Hall, the communications manager for Nutaku, out of the 25 million registered users, 23% of those registered gamers browse the games via their mobile device. So Nutaku figured they would make it easier for them to do so with a dedicated Android store. Hall mentioned in the press release…

“[…] we wanted to improve accessibility to the platform. With this simple-to-use Android Store, gamers can play Nutaku games from anywhere and enjoy a refined, user-friendly experience.”

They mention that the store has launched with 30 mobile games, and throughout 2019 they have plans on launching 30 additional games. So in total, they will have around 60 games before the year is out.

They mobile app also supports one-lick navigation, search functionality, and easy-to-use game activations.

It hasn’t been a breeze for Nutaku to get the word out and allow gamers to gain access to 18+ content. They’ve had to deal with blockades like having their entire YouTube channel terminated, even with safe for work versions of the trailers for those games. However, even with that setback it hasn’t stopped gamers from wanting to get in on their faptitude and to engage in the sort of Boner Culture that gamers have come to appreciate over time.

We’ll see how well the Android app fares now that it’s up and out, or if SJWs will attempt to take it down in some form, fashion, or way. You can check out the mobile app for Android devices by visiting the Nutaku store page.


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