Oblivious, Uncensored RPG Features 60 Different Legendary Waifu Knights To Collect


Nutaku announced that Oblivious, a new action-adventure RPG, has launched on the Nutaku storefront for desktop PCs and for mobile Android devices. The uncensored, turn-based game lets you collect a harem of beautiful waifus to woo, and an album of naughty art to unlock.

The game is set in a fantasy world called Maikai, which is filled with angels. Your body is weak but your magical summoning abilities are strong, you summon the aid of a sexy knight named Richard I and a girl named Norn to help protect you as you travel through Makai to become stronger and to defeat the angels.

As you acquire items and defeat enemies, you’re able to grow your stable of heroes, using the intimacy items to raise your affinity with the girls, and unlock some high-quality uncensored lewd artwork to keep your vigor high and your focus intact. You can see what the game is like with the trailer below.

The game is actually a lot more fleshed out than I thought it would be. Most people would see an R18+ title and assume it’s just HQ CG artwork shaped around a low quality RPG Maker title, but Oblivious’ combat system looks like it might actually have some measure of depth to it. At least the fighting looks good and the special effects are up to snuff.

There are a total of 60 heroes to collect and each hero has two lewd-laced albums that you can unlock per hero. So there’s a solid measure of replayability. Also, all the H-scenes are uncensored and there are no mosaics in the way blocking you from enjoying all the lovely ladies in their various states of undress.

Of course, since the game appears to be played through the browser you might need to be wary of mobile-style microtransactions. They can get you hooked that way.

For those of you who enjoy Fate or Azur Lane-style artwork in their games, but also want a solid RPG experience tacked on, you can check out Oblivious right now by hitting up the game’s Nutaku store page.

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