Panty Party To Release On Nintendo Switch For $14.99 In Late April Or Early May
Panty Party

Pantry Party is set to launch worldwide in late April or early May on the Nintendo eShop, meaning gamers all over the world will be able to pick up a digital copy of the game soon. But there’s even better news: a physical release is scheduled to take place outside of Japan.

Over on Cosen’s official website they announced that the Western version of Panty Party will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99. The ESRB rating hasn’t come in yet, but HorngYeuan Digital’s off-kilter third-person shooter game featuring fresh pairs of killer panties will likely nab a ‘T’ for Teen rating, unless the ratings board members decide to penalize the developers just for being Japanese, at which point expect an ‘M’ rating.

But the core game contains no hentai, no nudity, and no sexually explicit content. So it should escape with a ‘Teen’ rating, but we live in a clown world society these days and I have no faith in trusting that common sense will win out.

Panty Party - パンティパーティー_配信用-1024x1024

Anyway, Panty Party was already announced to release on the Nintendo Switch this spring with English language support, but Japanese Nintendo is reporting that there will also be a physical release for the game outside of Japan.

What we don’t know is how much the physical release will cost or if it will be available globally or just in the U.S., or just in Europe.

What we do know is that the game will come with all of the content that was available in the PC version of the game that came out back in 2017 on Steam, but it will also have Switch exclusive content including four-player split-screen modes.

It truly does look like the Nintendo Switch will be the savior of fan-service this generation, especially as Sony has gone all-in on the PS4 censorship policies, with no end in sight.

As mentioned, you can look for Panty Party to drop for the Nintendo Switch on the eShop in the West in late April or early May for $14.99.

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