Persona 5 Royal’s Kasumi Comes Under Fire From SJWs Wanting To Censor Her Thighs
Persona 5 Royal

Atlus recently announced Persona 5: The Royal. It’s a new entry for Persona 5, taking all of the base gameplay and then adding new characters and gameplay elements to the story, effectively turning it into a brand new experience. The upcoming game is due out in Japan on October 31st, 2019 for the PS4 and is scheduled to release in the West in 2020. However, there are already organized groups of Social Justice Warriors trying to get the game censored.

It started with the reveal trailer, which dropped on April 24th, 2019. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of GameSpot Trailers.

As reported by Personal Central, there are new scenarios to encounter in the third semester, new mini-games to play like darts and pool, new places to explore in the Kichijoji map, new characters to meet like school counselor Takuto Maruki, and new cinematics to watch, but all of the new additions to Persona 5: The Royal were completely overlooked by groups like ResetEra and the social media Social Justice mobs all due to a single character: Kasumi Yoshizawa.

Things gained traction over on ResetEra in a thread titled “Should Persona 5 Royal Remove The Problematic Stuff In This New Version?”.

The forum group came to a consensus that Persona 5: The Royal needed to be censored and have certain content removed, which included the gay characters whose portrayals they felt were “problematic”, as well as covering up the characters and removing any innuendo directed to characters like Ann.

It wasn’t long before the contents of the forum began to spill out over into Twitter.

YouTuber Hero Hei did a quick 10 minute video covering how the game was coming under attack from the woke brigade who now want the title censored before it’s even been released.

The new female character was the main focus of criticism from Twitter’s SJW denizens. They targeted her because her thighs are exposed in her leotard outfit, which plays up to the fact that she’s a rhythmic gymnast. Some went as far as to call Atlus “cowards” for not covering Kasumi up like one of the burqa battlers from Mortal Kombat 11.

Another Social Justice Warrior called Kasumi’s original design “horny” and proceeded to offer an edited version, putting the rhythmic gymnast in a tutu and leggings.

Thankfully there were people quick to fire back after the SJWs helped to get certain characters and themes trending on social media. Satomii was quick to call out these SJWs for their “sexist” standards.

Another meme from user BesuBaru ended up going viral, where he criticized the Social Justice Warriors for covering up the character and claiming they “fixed” the design. It ended up getting more than 4,000 likes, nearly double what the SJW posts were receiving.

Ultimately there’s a battle going on for the soul of gaming, and gamers are fighting back against the SJW menace with all their heart to preserve its creative integrity.

They seem to be standing up against the calls for censorship of Persona 5: The Royal, but it remains to be seen if the pushback will be enough to keep the developers from kowtowing to the minions of the intersectional miasma that has brought a putrid and foul stench of sociopolitical corruption to the realm of gaming.

For instance, ResetEra’s misrepresentation of the Japanese version of Catherine: Full Body has left the Western localization up in the air in terms of whether or not it will be censored following the complaints of SJWs. The voice actress working on the Western version acknowledged the SJW complaints and said they would be addressing the bigotry in the game. So it’s a toss-up if that means the game will be censored.

Persona 5 Royal - Kasumi Gun

We do know that the Ryu Ga Gokutu studio did censor the remaster of Yakuza 3 to remove the cross-dresser sub-plot and the Japanese imperial flag. So it’s not out of the question that the pressures from the politically correct parish could end up affecting Persona 5: The Royal.

Hopefully that’s not the case and the pushback against the SJWs calling for censorship wins out over all of their yelling. One major drawback is that SJWs have Sony on their side, and if Sony dictates that Atlus has to cover up Kasumi’s legs, then they will have to comply with the PS4 censorship policies. Some users on Twitter are worried that they’ve already spotted signs of censorship with the girls legs being covered and a character being replaced, but these haven’t been confirmed.

We’ll find out if any of the cries and whines have had an effect when the game launches this October in Japan.

(Thanks for the news tip GSOne, Dan, Hero Hei and Animatic)


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