Persona 5 Scramble Finally Revealed, Probably Not What You Were Expecting

The mystery has finally been solved; we now know what the teased “Persona 5 S” project is. It turns out that stands for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, a musou game set within the world of the popular JRPG.

Atlus teased “Persona 5 S” earlier this year and, of course, everyone assumed that meant a Switch version of the original game was in the works. And for good reason, too! Nintendo revealed the game’s main protagonist, Joker, would be the first premium DLC for the mascot fighting game, Smash Bros., even though Persona 5 was not on the Switch. Then we got a supposedly leaked retail listing for a Switch version of Persona 5. Then we got an announcement for Persona 5 The Royal, an enhanced version of the original game for the PlayStation 4.

So with all of that going on and Persona 5 S still not revealed, it makes sense that folks assumed it was going to maybe be a Switch version of the vanilla game. Instead, we’re getting a musou game (think Dynasty Warriors) wherein the thief collective will be battling veritable armies of baddies in spectacular fashion.

The trailer didn’t show off much, but the game at least looks pretty decent in this early footage. Slicing your way through screen-filling waves of enemies is always fun, and unleashing Personas will likely be a fun power trip. Also, while the Switch isn’t getting the main game (for now, at least), Scramble will indeed be launching on both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s newest console.

The above trailer was revealed during a Persona concert in Japan, but it unfortunately doesn’t include a release date. E3 is just a few weeks off, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re due for some additional information then. And in case you’re curious, this game is indeed coming from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, the pairing behind the various Warriors games, including the seriously underappreciated Hyrule Warriors for the Switch.


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