Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Will Receive Three Free Fighters As Devs Work On More Improvements

The main complaint leveled against the recent fighting game, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, was that it was pretty light on content. The developers at nWay have taken that criticism in stride, recently announcing an additional three fighters will soon be added to the game at no additional charge.

Take a gander at some reviews for Battle for the Grid and you might be surprised. The game didn’t look all that great in early trailers, but apparently nWay has crafted a pretty great fighting engine that makes the game a lot of fun to play. What’s not so fun, though, is the limited content. Even as a budget title at $20, Battle for the Grid only included nine roster members, less than half a dozen arenas and limited gameplay modes. There’s a Season One DLC pass that’ll eventually get you another three fighters, but that would cost you another 15 bucks.

Despite the weak offerings, the game has developed something of a following and, to show their equal support, nWay has tweeted out details of some free content coming to the game.

According to the tweet, Battle for the Grid will soon receive three new fighters at no extra charge. The developer goes on to explain that none of these characters are part of the DLC plan, they just want to toss them out to bolster the game’s roster for everyone and show that they are serious about evolving it into a better fighter. A follow-up tweet from the studio says they “hear you” to the fans requesting a more fully fleshed-out game, and they are “hard at work at packing more into this game.”

The announcement says the new characters are coming “soon” and they include Udonna from the Mystic Force season of the series, Dragon Armor Trini from the ongoing comic series and the Cenozoic Blue Ranger from the recent live-action film.


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