Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Heads To The Nintendo Switch May 16th With Extra Modes, Content
Project Nimbus Complete Edition

The flashy mech combat game Project Nimbus: Complete Edition is making its way to the Nintendo Switch from Japanese publisher GameTomo. The game is set to release next month on May 16th.

The game will contain all of the original content that came out for PC back in 2017 for GameCrafterTeam, KISS, and GameTomo. It will also feature all of the additional content that was added to the game via DLC, along with never-before-released content exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

The game itself is a futuristic sci-fi shooter that takes place in a desolate and war-torn Earth where three factions are fighting it out for control over the planet using Battle Frames… or mechs. You’ll fight on the ground and in the sky. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The gameplay is pretty fast-paced and comes in two different formats, not unlike Strike Suit Zero or Thexder, where you had the ability to pilot the mech as an aircraft, dogfighting enemies in the sky or in space, but then you also had the secondary mode where you play the game like Gundam and maneuver your mech around in third-person mode.

In the aircraft mode you have typical long range projectiles to rely on, but in the mech mode you get to use both projectiles and melee attacks to take down your enemies.

You’ll be able to play the game both in TV mode or in portable mode. While playing in TV mode you can also make use of the Pro Controller, which was fine-tuned to make use of the game’s flying mechanics.

The full game will come with more than 12 different Battle Frames, 26 different missions to complete, complex boss fights, along with two additional modes in the form of Survival Mode and Wafront Mode. For more info on Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, be sure to hit up the official website.


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