Quakecon 2019 Focus Primarily On The Doom Series And Doom Eternal

According to the QuakeCon team, Bethesda and id Software have big plans for Doom and Doom Eternal. With said series turning 25 this year, the annual event known as QuakeCon will deliberately focus all things on both Doom and Doom Eternal.

Although Doom, known as the father of FPS titles, will have a primary light on it this July, other games will accompany the series that has been rustling jimmies for over 20 years.

These games include the new woke iteration of the Wolfenstein series like YoungBlood and the VR shooter Cyberpilot. Joining that series at QuakeCon happens to be The Elder Scrolls, with stuff such as Legends, Blades, and Elseweyr making an appearance. And lastly, Quake: Champions, Rage 2, and the abysmal Fallout 76 will also appear.

News and other details are likely to fill the curious in on the aforementioned titles, but it seems that Bethesda knows Doom Eternal is the breadwinner of those games given it’s its 25th anniversary and that the company can bank on Doom Eternal’s birthday by hinting at a 2019 release:

“How do you take the largest LAN Party in North America and make it even bigger? With a shotgun blast of DOOM!


To commemorate DOOM’s 25th anniversary, our four-day event will include all-new DOOM-inspired activities, events, exclusives, developer panels, hands-on demos, new information about DOOM Eternal, and a few surprises we aren’t quite ready to talk about – all while continuing to feature everything you already love about QuakeCon. That’s right… you’ll still get Quake tournaments, exhibits, panels, updates on all the latest games from Bethesda – and, of course, a massive, round-the-clock LAN Party unlike any other.


Whether you’ve been a DOOM fan since the shareware days or you just recently became one, join us – along with the entire QuakeCon community – in celebrating at QuakeCon: Year of DOOM!”

Seeing that 2019 is still the release window for Doom Eternal, it shouldn’t come in as a surprise that the game will likely drop this year.

However, something that would be nice but is wishful thinking on my part is Doom Eternal dropping with actual mod support. If the forthcoming game did away with that atrocious snap-map and instead embraced full-on mods like days of old that would be nice.

Anyway, QuakeCon 2019 (or the Year of Doom) will kick-off on July 25th and end on July 28th at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Dallas, Texas. The event is open (and free) to the public where registration for the event will go live on April 11th over on QuakeCon.org.

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