Reddit’s /r/Games/ Mods Get Excoriated By Community For Being Anti-Male, Anti-Gamer SJWs

Reddit Hates Gamers

The moderators of Reddit’s /r/Games/ had a follow-up meta thread to discuss their April Fool’s day blackout where they disabled all the comments across the sub and forced everyone to read their propaganda about marginalized folks, LGBT groups, respecting women, and not being racist. The Leftist proselytizing didn’t go down too well with normal people and they were quick to fire back, but the Reddit moderators have been heavily deleting and censoring posts calling them out for their Regressive Left agitprop.

Reddit /r/Games/ Mods Refused To Highlight Men’s Health Charities Because They Aren’t Marginalized

After shutting down the entire sub on April 1st, the moderators brought it back up on April 2nd with a FAQ, addressing some of the concerns that people had. Two of the questions stood out the most, the first being why all the charities they chose were basically all Left-wing organizations pushing Liberal politics and nothing to address men’s health or misandry. The moderators responded by writing…

“We didn’t discuss misandry or promote charities for men, because men are not a consistent target in the gaming community like women, LGBT folks, or people of color. An important distinction: while men may end up as targets, they are not constantly harassed for being male in the gaming community.

The second notable question was “Why bring politics to /r/Games/?”. This is a question of self-awareness that eluded the moderators of the sub, as they responded with deflection, stating that their ideological politics were, in fact, not political at all. They wrote…

“Asking people to be nicer to each other and engage with respect and dignity is not politics, it’s human decency. Along the way of conversation and the exchange of ideas, that decency has fallen on the list of priorities for some commenters. Our aim with this post is to remind commenters to not let the notion of civility and kindness be an afterthought in the process.”


First of all, choosing Liberal-oriented charities and completely dismissing men’s health are sociopolitical decisions. It relates to the microcosmic politics of individual subcultures, specifically relating to gender identity and the promotion of lifestyle acceptance.

The moderators, however, couldn’t argue against these points, and so as people began to criticize them for attempting to obfuscate the matter, with user Lone_Sword bravely writing…

“You cut the legs out from under the point you were trying to make when immediately after the announcement about half of the /r/games mods went to shitpost and pat themselves on the back in /r/Subredditdrama, /r/GamerGhazi, and /r/gamingcirclejerk. Subreddits, especially in subredditdrama’s case, with a history of brigading and harassment. I guess toxicity and harassment are fine, so long as it aligns with your personal beliefs?


“You want people to “Do Better”? Well get off your high horses and look in the mirror. You just decided that as mods, you get to control the 1.6 million people who subscribe to /r/games to fit your personal views. As mods, you should try to be humble and listen to the community, instead you’re so busy naval-gazing you can’t even be self-critical of your own actions.
Please tell me under what circumstances you think a moderator of /r/games should have the mindset to write this comment:


“Can you imagine if Thanos wasn’t a shit person and instead of his snap killing half of everyone instead it just went after gamers?”


All of /u/nalixor, /u/Saad888, /u/dceighty8, /u/LionGhost, /u/AMAVelociraptorAMA, /u/Troub313, /u/paladinsane, /u/TheGasMask4, /u/adanine, /u/Musely, /u/AugustSun, and /u/Potatoslayer2 ‘s future moderator actions are now tainted.”

Lone_Sword’s comment was removed by the moderators, and everyone who brought up his censored comment had their comments removed as well.

A few others also commented about how the moderators don’t care about the community or gamers, like user d-amazo, who wrote…

“[link] here ya go. he’s all over the thread making jokes along with a couple other mods as well as some other reddit powermods, and a few r/games regulars in there as well backing all the mods up.


“it’s nothing too damning but they clearly don’t give a shit about the actual sub.”

Shortly after making the post, d-amazo’s comment was removed by the moderators.

There are now 3,132 comments removed from the thread out of the total 11460 comments. So the moderators have removed 27.3% of the comments from the discussion thread for not kowtowing to their ideological standards, according to the statistics.

Reddit /r/Games/ Mods Virtue Signaled Their Disgust Of Gamers On Anti-Gaming Sub-Reddits

Lone_Sword’s reference to the Thanos quip is also not incorrect. The moderators – after initially shutting down the /r/Games/ sub on April 1st to proselytize their Liberal politics and foist their views onto gamers while preventing anyone from responding or rebutting their political propaganda – began to communicate with other communities across Reddit while the sub was shut down. Some of the sub-reddits they frequented were anti-gamer communities such as Gaming Circlejerk and Gamer Ghazi, among several others.

In the comment referenced above, it’s referring to moderator TheGasMask4, who left the following comment in the SubRedditDrama forum.

You’ll note that TheGasMask4 left various comments in SubRedditDrama if you visit an archive of their profile. Moderator Dceighty8 also dropped by the SubRedditDrama thread to discuss the issue, while moderator Potatoslayer2 dropped by the anti-gamer and anti-#GamerGate sub-reddit, Gamer Ghazi. The anti-gamers were praising the /r/Games/ moderators for their efforts, and Potatoslayer2 responded by saying…

“No doubt. We understood this as a team that we’d be getting a lot of negative feedback and that we’ll have a busy time moderating on the days after April 1st, but it’s worth it to bring attention to this type of behaviour. At the core of it all is the message to remember the human.”

Potatoslayer2 was also hovering around the Gaming Circlejerk community as well.

/r/Games/ moderator nalixor also joined in on the self-aggrandizing, visiting Gamer Ghazi to further congratulate himself and the team for their censorship and virtue signaling. They also visited the Regressive Left sub known as Girl Gamers, which is mostly a place composed of men role-playing as girl gamers that hate male gamers. Nevertheless, nalixor wrote

“It’s real and we’re serious. I can definitely speak for the entire mod team when I say we’re disgusted with the comments we get in r/Games. We’re trying to make it better, but it’s a slow, arduous process. That’s part of the reason we’re doing this today, we want to shine a light on what’s been happening, and try and encourage people who want our hobby to be more inclusive and open and to be more active in combatting the toxicity present on the subreddit.”

Nalixor also posted a similar comment in the Gamer Ghazi sub, stating that he was “disgusted” at the comments they see in the /r/Games/ sub…

“It’s real. I can definitely speak for the entire mod team when I say we’re disgusted with the comments we get in r/Games. We’re trying to make it better, but it’s a slow, arduous process. That’s part of the reason we’re doing this today, we want to shine a light on what’s been happening, and try and encourage people who want our hobby to be more inclusive and open and to be more active in combatting the toxicity present on the subreddit.”

Basically they’re taking a minority of comments they perceive as “problematic” and “toxic” and extrapolate them to represent the entirety of the 1 million people subscribed to /r/Games/.

To make matters worse is that it was discovered that GasTheMask4 is also a contributor to TechRaptor. When this was discovered the issue was raised with TechRaptor’s editor-in-chief Rutledge Daugette. He responded by saying that it was all just a joke.

When pressed about the matter, Rutledge shifted his viewpoint to go in lockstep with the /r/Games/ moderators, claiming that they were just trying to fight back against “toxicity”.

The thread continued to a point where Rutledge eventually attempted to wash his hands of the matter, writing

“If this authors activities on a different website have offended, or if you feel that there’s a discrepancy in the message that that site was trying to convey and someone’s actions then I’d recommend reaching out to parties that are involved. All I can do is offer up that the author’s comments were a joke and a very very poor one at that.


“[…] I have no interest in “sides” – my concern is reporting the news in clear, quality fashion, and publishing cool articles for people to read like our TR Originals. We put solid work into our content, and I’m so sick of dealing [with] politics.”

If you visit the original meta thread about the moderator’s April Fool’s post, you’ll note that majority of the critical comments are now gone. Everything that’s left is only mildly critical of what happened, or openly praising the moderators for their woke virtue signaling.

The comments that weren’t removed in that thread make me sick.

Seeing so many people devolve into sycophantic bootlickers and attention-adoring slaves is unsightly and grotesque.

Anyone who engages in that kind of behavior is less than a human. A sub-human.

When you accommodate the egoism of tyrants and the systematic restrictions of your rights, you deserve neither respect nor freedom.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle and Lupin III)

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