Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod Restores Blood And Gore For Japanese Version
Resident Evil 2 Remake Gore Mod

Poor Japanese gamers are oftentimes stuck with censored gore and violence in their games in order to accommodate the CERO ratings in Japan. Opposite of America, the Japanese might have a ton of fan-service and lewd character designs littered throughout their games, but usually gore, mutilation, dismemberment, and blood end up getting the axe. That’s exactly what happened with Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake. The game’s visceral bloodshed may have been censored at retail in Japan, but modders have found a way to unlock all the gory goodness for the East Asian gamers playing on PC.

While CERO may attempt to decoct all the plasma-letting in most violent games, modder UberGrainy decided to put it all back in, and pack it nice and tight into a little mod for Japanese gamers with an eager eye to see full-on bloodletting and evisceration take place on screen.

You can download the mod from over on the download page.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Gore Mod For Japan

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when downloading the mod. First and foremost is that your saved games will no longer work, since it uses some of the files from the Western version of the game and it will make your old saves incompatible with the mixed-files from both the Japanese and Western version of the game.

The mod will mostly “deregulate” the Japanese version of the game. According to the page, not every cutscene works as intended, but most of the gore is restored to the game. This means that the heads will explode when blasted up close by a shotgun or heavy weapon, and you will see bodies and parts of the zombies blast apart when hit with explosives.

In order to make use of the mod you will need to make use of the Fluffy Manager.

You can download the FluffyQuack mod manager from the Resident Evil Modding boards.

If you’re unsure how to use the FluffyQuack mod manager, there is a Japanese tutorial on how to make use of the manager and the mods that you download for the PC version of Resident Evil 2 Remake over on the JGC Game website.

Westerners don’t have to worry about mods like this because they’re inundated with a deluge of overt violence and gore, just like with the upcoming game from Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us 2, which features raging, hormonal lesbians going on a man-hating killing-spree, complete with intestinal disembowelments, throat slitting, and limb breaking. But oh boy, touching some big anime tiddies are an absolute no-no in the West, which is why games like Omega Labyrinth Z got banned.

So limb-tearing violence for the West, and big anime tiddies for the East. Thankfully, mods solve everybody’s problems.

(Thanks for the news tip Rala Cloft)


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