Saber’s Edge, Uncensored 3D Turn-Based Puzzle Sex Game Launches On Nutaku
Saber's Edge

Cabra Studio and Nutaku Publishing announced that Saber’s Edge, a hybrid turn-based, match-3, collectible role-playing game has launched on the Nutaku store. The puzzle title is currently available for Android devices right now.

It’s unlikely that you’ll see the game appearing on Steam given that Valve banned Fap CEO from appearing on the Steam store, even though it doesn’t take place in a school setting or has lolis. But whatever.

Anyway, Saber’s Edge is about fighting through the seven skies with your crew of pirates to help you battle enemies, unlock powerful skills, utilize unique abilities, and engage in tactical turn-based combat.

Yes, this actually has real gameplay components. You battle in turn-based battles using a puzzle game mechanic, which allows you to launch attacks at enemies in the 3D battle scenarios. You can check out the gameplay in the NSFW trailer below.

As you outfit your crew and battle through multiple worlds, defeating outlaws and bandits, you’ll need to acquire gear so you can craft new weapons and equipment for your crew.

You’ll need these upgrades to defeat more difficult enemies and eventually level-up. Once you level-up you’ll then be able to access some naughty scenes for the 18 different characters you’ll encounter throughout your travels.

Saber's Edge - screenshot-app5

It’s the typical kind of gaming experience you might expect from the Nutaku offerings, only this time they’ve spiced up the gameplay and spruced up the aesthetics with the 3D worlds, turn-based battles, and the added strategy elements. So if that’s something you’re into, well… there you go.

The art is basically reminiscent of the Western comic book style, so if you prefer those kind of designs then you’ll likely find the art in Saber’s Edge tantalizing.

If the game strikes your fancy then you can check out Saber’s Edge right now over on the Nutaku store for Android devices.


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