School Girl/Zombie Hunter’s Title Censored When Using PS4 Share Feature
School Girl Zombie Hunter

There’s a really odd combination of words that are censored on the PlayStation 4. In addition to traditional epithets and slurs, the phrase “school girl” is also censored when sharing content using the PlayStation 4’s Share feature.

A user going by the handle of Samet Chan noted that the title for School Girl/Zombie Hunter, the 2017 third-person shooter game from Tamsoft, Aksys Games and D3 Publisher, had the first half of its title censored out when Chan shared an image of his Platinum trophy with a friend. There’s actually an image of Chan running into the problem of the words “School Girl” from the School Girl/Zombie Hunter title being censored. The “School Girl” part is filled in with asterisks instead, as you can see below.

As you can see, when Chan shared the achievement of unlocking the Platinum trophy, he was greeted with a plague that censored out the title to the game he was playing.

Obviously you visit places like Exophase, there is no censorship of the title or the trophy… because why would there be?

The issue still seemed kind of odd so I did reach out to D3 Publisher’s social media account to ask them about it but at the time of writing this article there hasn’t been a response.

Some users noted that certain combinations of words are censored in the PS4’s Share functionality.

There isn’t much of an explanation for this, other than that Sony doesn’t want people using certain words when sharing content through the cards. This has been in place since as far back as 2016, as noted by some posts over on the Gaming Stack Exchange where users were asking about removing the censorship in the plaque cards.

Since it was implemented several years ago, this was not in response to legislative measures like SESTA or FOSTA, which deal with using advanced messaging services to solicit sexual activities through said services.

Now one thing that’s odd is that in the old requests from back in 2016 to disable the profanity filters for the Share feature, dealt with messages or hashtags used in those title cards. In this particular case, the name of the game itself was censored on the title card. Keep in mind that none of the game’s content was censored, though, just the name in the title card when using the PS4 Share feature.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter‘s name is not censored anywhere else on the PlayStation Store. It just seems to be the cards when using the PS4 Share feature. This is an odd bit of censorship, but given Sony’s PS4 censorship policies, which stretches from games to themes, I suppose it’s not too surprising that the title of certain video games would eventually get caught up in the filter, too.

(Thanks for the news tip FightCensorship, EvaUnity02 and Samet Chan)


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