Shadow Movie Trailer Takes Kung Lao’s Bladed Hat Concept And Applies It To Umbrellas
Shadow (2019)

Well Go USA Entertainment and Perfect Village released a new trailer for the upcoming fantasy martial arts flick called Shadow, with director Zhang Yimou having helmed the film and Chao Deng starring in it.

So the flick is kind of weird and cool at the same time. In order to protect his son from possible assassinations, an emperor took in a boy who looked like his son and trained that boy to become a master assassin. This boy would live in the shadow of his son, hence the name Shadow.

Things take an interesting twist when the Shadow is forced to fight against the commanders of other factions in order to quell tensions leading toward war. This leads to further complicating matters. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movieclips Indie.

I’m not sure how it all unfolds, but it looks like one of the more inventive elements of the film, the umbrella sword, becomes a centerpiece for the way the action unfolds. The weapon is pretty much like an umbrella version of Kung Lao’s bladed hat from Mortal Kombat.

Not only does the umbrella contract and expand, making it effective both as a weapon and a shield, but the handle cocks like a lever, allowing the wielder to fire the blades like a projectile.

Shadow - Umbrella Sword

The ending sequence in the trailer seems to give the impression that the film escalates from a story about an assassin that eventually falls in love with the mistress of the house, into a war film of sorts where rival armies are battling against each other using sliding bladed umbrellas and crossbows.

It’s just fantastical enough to look interesting, yet it seems to take itself just seriously enough where it looks as if there are consequences for recklessly engaging with the dudes with the bladed umbrellas.

Hopefully the film is larger than its most interesting gimmick, but I feel like this concept would have worked really well in a better version of The Man With The Iron Fists.

Anyway, the film is set to hit theaters in May.


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